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Zalman HD160 HTPC Case

Zalman HD160

Zalman HD160
Zalman HD160
All Aluminium Based Chassis
The entire chassis consists of aluminum unlike other enclosures that solely use aluminum for the front panel.
Zalman HD160
Optimized Ventilation and Cooling
Multiple air inlets adjacent to all major heat-generating components facilitate optimized ventilation and cooling.
Zalman HD160
Excellent Expandability
  • The 5.25" and 3.5" exposed bays along with the four 3.5" internal bays provide plenty of expansion room - four or more hard disks can be installed on anti-vibration mounts.
  • The push-open door style front I/O panel houses two USB ports, 1394 port, MIC and headphone jacks.
Zalman HD160 VFD & Remote Control
The VFD displays the PC's operation status while the remote control provides convenient access to various media.
Energy Conservation
The HD160 can be operated at minimum fan speed with Zalman's silent cooling solutions, consuming less power than regular systems.
User-friendly Components
  • USB 2.0 ports, 1394 , MIC, headphone and built-in flash memory reader supporting seventeen types of cards.
  • Remote control for enabling multimedia software operation and control.
  • Convenient volume knob.
Zalman HD160
Minimized Vibrations
  • Vibration can be prevented by attaching the vibration-preventing pads on the bottom part of the hard disk, and friction with the screws can be minimized by attaching the circular vibration-preventing pads on the top part of the hard disk.
  • Power Supporter serves two purposes by preventing the breakaway of the power supplier when exposed to vibration or external impact, and by serving as the prevention for bending.
  • Power must be attached after attaching the Power Guide, in order to provide the power supplier with fresh air.

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