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Zalman HD135 HTPC Case

Zalman HD135

Zalman HD135
Designed for High TDP Processors
Air Duct and two Fans allow quiet cooling of up to 130W TDP CPU processors (Intel Pentium D 830, 840, 940, 950, 960 etc.).
Designed for High Performance Power Supply
Air Vents allow cold air intake from outside the PC directly into the power supply to minimize its noise level and to achieve highest possible efficiency.
Zalman HD135
Designed for VGA Cards
Air Vents around the VGA card allow optimal operation of VGA card by offering maximum cooling capability.
Designed for Hard Disks
Air Vents located on the bottom and sides of the HDD Bracket allow efficient release of heat generated by the hard disks.
Zalman HD135
Pure aluminum surface provides an elegant addition to other Home Theatre and A/V equipments. VFD installed on the front panel of the enclosure provides the user with various information such as the operating software status, time display when the power is OFF, and fan speed.
Zalman HD135
  • Microsoft MCE-compatible remote control and multimedia software are provided. This enables the user to easily control the PC and execute various multimedia software.
  • USB2.0 ports on the front panel and the IEEE1394 (Firewire) I/O Port allows easy access to connections. A headphone and microphone can also be conveniently connected to the audio ports in the front.
  • Sliding-type HDD and ODD Brackets provide easy installation/removal.
Zalman HD135
Six 3.5" bays and one 5.25" bay provide the user with maximum expandability compared to other enclosures of identical size. Accommodation for ATX/ATX 12V power supplies despite the unit's height being identical to that of a common audio device.
Zalman HD135
Zalman HD135
A quiet and stable Home Theatre PC can be assembled when used with Zalman's CPU Cooler, VGA Cooler, Power Supply, and Northbridge Cooler (CNPS8000, VF700, VF900, ZM460B-APS, ZM-NBF47 etc.).

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