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Viper 1230/40 with 32 MB RAM

Viper 1230/40

68030 Accelerator Card for Amiga 1200

Translated product review from Amiga Plus, issue 06/2004:


The installation of the card is fairly easy, just insert it into the trapdoor slot on the bottom side of the Amiga 1200. There is no need to install driver software. Since there are no components soldered to the bottom side of the card, the card fits seamlessly.


As the name suggests, the card is fitted with a 68030 CPU at 40 MHz. The 68030 comes with an MMU (Memory Management Unit) to support virtual memory. The memory socket takes up to 32 MByte FPM PS/2 RAM, either single-sided or double-sided.


It's quite obvious that one can't expect miracles from a 68030 accelerator. The test results show a good average performance, some operations are even performed faster than with a Blizzard III card with 50 MHz. In comparison to a stock Amiga 1200, you get about 5 times the speed, depending on the type of application. Memory operations gain the most, peak transfer rates of more than 25 MB/s are possible, boosting applications that rely on fast memory transfers. Intuition and graphic operations are also sped up, making the Workbench react even faster.

Technical Data
  • Processor: MC68030
  • Clock Frequency: 40 MHz
  • RAM Type: FPM PS/2 RAM
  • Max. RAM: 32 MB
  • Remarks: Realtime clock with battery, double-sided PS/2 RAMs can be used

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