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For all Amigas with Zorro-Slot and Amiga 1200

VarIO is an interface board with a serial and a parallel interface. The performance data of the serial port is identical with the Silversurfer: 16 byte fifo memory, 460800 Baud maximum transfer rate, low CPU load and high compatibility with existing software.

The parallel interface has been sped up dramatically compared to its predecessor Hypercom: It has also got 16 bytes of fifo memory that lower the CPU load by far. The ECP mode (extended capabilities port) improves communication speed with modern printers.

The special thing about the board is it's great possibilities to be connected to the computer: At first sight, it looks like a Zorro board that is equipped with Individual Computer's standard expansion ports: A clockport for connection of a Silversurfer, and a 26-pin expansion port. In case the VarIO is not plugged into a Zorro slot, it becomes an expansion module for one of Individual Computer's Zorro boards that is connected with a cable. This results in seven different ways of using the VarIO:
  1. Zorro-board as base model: 1 x ser, 1 x par
  2. Zorro-board with Silversurfer: 2 x ser, 1 x par
  3. VarIO on X-Surf Ethernet: 1 x ser, 1 x par
  4. VarIO on ISDN-Surfer: 1 x ser, 1 x par
  5. VarIO on Buddha (Flash): 1 x ser, 1 x par
  6. VarIO on Catweasel Z-II: 1 x ser, 1 x par
  7. VarIO on VarIO: 2 x ser, 2 x par

All these ways of connecting can of course be combined in one system!

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