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Tales of Tamar

Online Lager

Up until now, PBEM-games were, at best, based on HTML clients. But the bigger part of the strategy-game-feeling is lost that way. With Tales of Tamar, features such as the massive multiplayer capabilities of the internet, PBEM and platform-spanning code are combined and further enhanced its own unique interface, outstanding sound tracks, an eight minute long intro, hand drawn graphics, sound-FX and on-screen-animations.

Tales of Tamar is platform-spanning because it has clients for many systems which all play in the same world. This is still an unprecedented novelty!

Another point is that almost no online costs are accumulated while playing Tales of Tamar. And which online-game can say that of itself today? To play Tales of Tamar actively, you only have to receive and send a turn each day. Both won't take longer than a minute normally, so you're only spending 2 units a day for ToT. Thus Tales of Tamar chooses to use the cheapest way possible that an online game can choose.

Forschung Kaserne

Tales of Tamar picks up the concept of games such as Emporer or Hanse and further expands them into what has become the giant online world of Tamar. Chaos rules the world after the benign and popular King was assassinated. Now it is your task to become emperor either through clever trade, cunning diplomacy, or through campaigns against other players.

But beware! All your skills are demanded! Only the best strategists, the best diplomats and the best warmongers will have a chance. There are some opponent races which are computer controlled but mostly you will meet real people who rule their own realm. So you will not only meet real people, but you can also forge new friendships or new enemies...

This game is even better than that! (or even worse!). For example, if you wage a war, which is something that can not be avoided and will happen at some point in your game, it will effect your nerves and won't let you sleep at night. The thrill that you have experienced while playing real time strategy games or 3D-shooters on the network is even bigger here.

As a matter of fact, the game has already been running for two years and some players were near to a mental breakdown, because they put so much effort into it :-) So, don't say you had not been warned!

Residenz Taverne

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