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SuperView Productivity Suite II

SuperView Productivity II

SuperView IV (SViewIV) reads, writes and/or converts more than 50 graphic file formats and seamlessy integrates external program packages like Xpk, Ghostscript or MetaView. Thus besides displaying of graphics on over 20 supported graphic cards (via CyberGraphX, Picasso96 or special driver systems) the program is designed for working with almost any kind of image file format, including basic image processing capabilities (more than 30 operators). An unbeatable price/performance ratio for the SView Productivity Suite II results out of the already included PPC-Modules for SViewIV delivering enormeous speed increases, as well as through the also included 680x0 and PPC-optimized AmigaOS 3 Datatypes for JPEG (JFIF), PNG and TIFF, that additionally allow other applications to profit from the unexpected new speed dimensions. Additionally there's a MPEG-Player (PPC support, akMPEG) plus the NAIL datatype.

Overview of Features:

  • Runable starting with 68000, many modules especially optimized for 68020 and higher as well as PPC CPUs (for PowerUP(TM) and PPC-Library or WarpOS 4 and PPC-Library emulation V0.6b+)
  • Taking advantage of the special features of OS 2.04, 2.1, 3.0 and 3.1
  • Image display either on own screen (ECS, AGA, graphics card) or in own window (AGA, cgfx-compatible graphics card)
  • Fast, high quality dithering algorithms for 256 color and HAM6/8 screens as well as for image conversion
  • Fast and reliable support for 16/24 bit RTG truecolor screen displays
  • Possibility to perform complex tasks via ARexx port and interface
  • Drag'n'drop (AppWindow) and Commodity support
  • Screen-grabbing upto 24 bit (RTG)
  • Reads and/or writes more than 50 graphic file fornats (some requiring external programs, like e.g. Ghostscript), including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, RGB8, PCX, WPG, BMP, PICT, YUVN and many more.
  • Supports over 20 graphic cards directly or via RTG
  • More than 30 image processing operators included, some of which especially for dithering and format conversion
  • Direct scanner support when ScanQuix 3/4 is installed
  • Support of the TurboPrint and Studio printer driver systems
  • Comes with external display programs
  • ak datatypes for JPEG (JFIF), PNG, TIFF and NAIL are included in registered and special 68000, 020/030, 040, 060 and PPC versions
  • Via akMPEG (registered version included) also plays MPEG-1 animations
  • 3rd party tools and demos already included (MetaView, GhostScript installer, SVConvert, SVProPics)

System requirements:

  • AmigaOS 2.04 or higher
  • 2-4 MB FastRAM
  • Harddisk
  • OS3.1/3.5, additional memory and graphics card are recommended

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