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SuperPLA V3

SuperPLA V3

SuperPLA V3 is a replacement for the original PLA of the following Commodore computers:
  • Commodore 64 (old model)
    • Assy no. 326298, socket U17
    • Assy no. 250407, socket U17
    • Assy no. 250425, socket U17
    • Assy no. 250466, socket U17
    Assy. no. 250469 is not supported.
  • C16, socket U16
  • C116, socket U101
  • Plus/4, socket U19
  • Floppy cartridge 1551
  • CBM 610, socket U18
  • CBM 710, socket U18
  • Commodore PET, socket UE5

The target computer is set by jumpers. The new, much more compact design has the jumpers moved to the back of the board.

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