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Superbundle The Superbundle

Software Package for Pegasos computers

The Superbundle includes a lot of brilliant software for the Pegasos computer system. This list is subject to change, and may not represent any time-limited offers.

ProStation Audio Titanium
Professional audio mixing, arranging, sampling and more. If you can't do it with ProStation Audio Titanium, then it's probably not sound.
fxPAINT Lite
Painting and special effects all in one package. Combining several great painting tools, fxPAINT Lite makes creating great images fun. Featuring an easy to use, and pleasant to look at, control panel, it will be difficult to imagine not having fxPAINT Lite! In fact using the PNG savers you too can create great icons for the Ambient desktop.
fxSCAN Lite
Store your paperwork on your hard-drive, archive family pictures, and more, all with fxSCAN Lite. Finally, scanning software that does not require a new installation of unknown software to use new hardware; fxSCAN Lite supports many different scanners, and without having to learn a new interface for each scanner you may decide to use.
VHI Studio Lite
Import your digital camera images, animations, and more with this wonderfully configurable and easy to use software. VHI Studio Lite supports several methods to acquire images and animations, ARexx, and more.
The object of the game is simply to shoot down birds. Do not let the simplistic objective fool you, this game is graphically appealing, full of secrets -- and highly addictive!
Feeble Files
Feeble Files is a masterfully created graphical adventure featuring great backgrounds, graphics, eight bit stereo sound, and a humorous (but slightly dark) storyline.
"Rebellion has never looked so pathetic."
Software Tycoon
Think you know what it takes to run your own software business? Try your hand with this excellent simulation and pit your skills against two rival companies during the 1980's computer games market explosion.

The Superbundle also includes the following software: MorphOS SDK (incl. MorphED), FotoFoto SE, AmiATLAS, Inga Lite.

The Superbundle can also be Links opens in new window/tabdownloaded for free (registration required)

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