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Sum A234/CD32

Sum A234/CD32

USB Keyboard Interface for Amiga 2/3/4000 and CD32

The Sum A234/CD32 adapter enables you to connect USB HID keyboards to your Amiga 2000/3000/4000 or CD32. The Sum interface is based upon a 16-bit Microchip microcontroller.

The Sum adapter provides a built-in USB stack which enables USB HID keyboards support without the need for installing additional AmigaOS software drivers. The whole installation process comes down to simply connecting a keyboard to your Sum adapter and the Sum adapter to the keyboard port of your Amiga A2000/A3000/A4000 or CD32.

An additional feature of the Sum adapter is its "Bootloader" function allowing future firmware upgrades. The Sum interface comes with a dedicated configuration mode which becomes available when one presses R-Shift + Pause keys simultaneously. User preferences are saved to the built-in EEPROM memory, thanks to which the interface is already properly configured when you reconnect the device.

Sum A234/CD32


  • support for both USB HID and USB-PS/2 keyboards
  • A2000/A3000/A4000/A4000 and CD32 compatibility
  • included PS2-DIN adapter
  • built-in USB stack
  • configuration mode for PC keyboard (activated by R-Shift + Pause key combination)
  • configuration mode for Mac keyboard (activated by R-Shift + F19 key combination)
  • built-in EEPROM memory enabling user preferences storage
  • "Bootloader" function allowing future firmware upgrades
  • "Status" indicator LED providing information about the device state
  • built around 16-bit Microchip microcontroller utilizing nanoWatt technology


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Keyboard Interface Sum A234/CD32 for USB... Keyboard Interface Sum A234/CD32 for USB Keyboards/Amiga 4000 & CD32
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(Retro 7-bit)
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Keyboard Interface Sum A234/CD32 for USB...Keyboard Interface Sum A234/CD32 for USB Keyboards/Amiga 4000 & CD32
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This product is currently not available (no delivery date confirmed).

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