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Simon 2 [ Gameplay | Features ]

Instead of telling you a boring story about Simons first adventure in a world full of magic and strange inhabitants, we will have you listening to Simon talking to his psychiatrist right after the first game was completed:

Doc: Okay, once again from the very start: You have been magically transported to anouther world?

Simon: Teleported, Doc.

Doc: But to a different world?

Simon: I think, it was a different dimension.

Doc: I see, I see. And there were dwarfs and goblins?

Simon: Don`t forget the dragon.

Doc: And, if I understood you right, woodlouses?

Simon: No, Doc. That were talking woodworms. There was also a woman that was transformed to a pig.

Doc: Well, well, we heard this all before. You also said there were lots of sorcerers and a talking tree?

Simon: Yes, and I was a sorcerer too, and I had to rescue Calypso, who is also a sorcerer, from Sordid, who himself is a sorcerer too. But he was evil.

Doc: Okay, okay. So there were two sorcerers.

Simon: Actually three. Did I mention the demons?

Doc: You did, you did. You also mentioned a small green guy, who was always cooking a very tasty soup.

Simon: And in the end I threw Sordid into the lava.

Doc: And then, all was fine?

Simon: You do not believe a word I say, do you...?

Doc: Of course I do. I hear these kind of stories all the time. Here is a very nice jacket just for you. It will keep you warm. And I will order some vacation for you in a very nice asyl...hotel.

This was a quick walkthrough through Simons first encounter with Sordid in a strange and wonderful world. But how long is a evil sorcerer from a strange and wonderful land dead, after you have thrown him into hot lava? Not too long, as he is back now and he wants revenge!! And this time he is not alone.


This isn't just any old 'Child in fantasyland' story. For starters, no other kids have to put up with useless old wizards, unattractive heroines, baddies that simply don't know when to stay dead and being the last one in school to discover puberty. Armed with a pointy hat (stupid looking), a pony tail (even more stupid looking) and a tendancy to irritate people twice his size, Simon returns in this action packed sequel which promises to be more entertaining, amusing and fun than any other adventure of it's type (allegedly).

It's amazing the sort of rubbish you can read on these internet sites isn't it. So stop hanging around looking blankly at your monitor, like a total anorak, reading this, buy the game! Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

Simon was sitting on his bed, when all of a sudden, a large wardrobe appears in his room before him. He climbs into it, and is magically transported back into the world he went into in the last game, except everything seems to be a little more "modern". When visiting Calypso, he learns that he needs to get an item called "mucusade", which is what the cabinet runs on to transport things. So the only way he can get home is if he gets the mucusade. Don't worry though, Sordid's back and will make this a long and challenging quest for Simon.

  • 80 + locations
  • about 100 charcters to interact with
  • meet many weird and crazy characters such as the swampling
  • full spoken dialogues (speech in english, german and italian subtitles)
  • easy to use point & click interface
  • hundreds of Sound FX
  • more than 50,000 frames of animation
  • handdrawn characters and backgrounds
  • play in window mode or full screen

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