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Repulse - High End Soundcard for Zorro-Amigas

REPULSE uses 3.3V technology to minimize power consumption. The card is connected to the Zorro II bus by an interface which offers full bandwidth. So the hardware does not need any waitstates.

REPULSE has 64 KByte sample FIFO to reduce CPU load extremely. The analog part is done by a high quality AC'97 audio codec. AC'97 codecs are used in nearly all PCI PC sound cards. The audio codec supports sample resolutions upto 20 Bit for playback and 18 Bit for record. With the enhanced full duplex mode playing and recording can be done at the same time. Additionally, the Repulse sound card has a S/P-DIF In/Output which supports upto 24 Bit and 96 kHz, which is used even in PC marked only on professional audio products. The Amiga with a Repulse sound card is another time ahead.


Product features:

  • Zorro II interface with zero waitstates
  • Usable in any A2/3/4000 and A500/A1200 with Zorro II expansion.
  • Sampling rates from 8 to 48 kHz including 44.1 kHz and 96 kHz S/P-DIF
  • Support for 16 bit, 18 bit, 20 bit and 24 bit (S/P-DIF) samples in mono or stereo
  • Enhanced full duplex recording
  • The "Feature Connector" for extentions e.g. a MP3 decoder module.
  • 3D sound function for games
  • The REPULSE soundcard provides a variety of inputs and outputs:
    • 1x optical digital output (max 24 bit/ 96 kHz, S/P-DIF compatible) capable to transfer standard PCM sound or encoded streams like Dolby Digital AC-3, MPEG Multichannel and DTS.
    • 1x optical digital input (S/P-DIF compatible)
    • 1x stereo line in (extern)
    • 1x stereo line out (extern)
    • 1x mono microphone in (extern)
    • 1x independent stereo headphones out (extern)
    • 3 internal stereo inputs to connect CD-ROMs etc.
  • Mixer: All inputs (except S/P-DIF) can be mixed together. It's possible to record not just from one input, but from all simultaniously. The volume can be changed for every in- and output separatly.

AHI Available software:

  • AHI driver: Nearly all available soundtools are using AHI, so they can be used with the REPULSE soundcard.
  • With the mixer preferences all volumes can be changed in realtime and it's used to setup the S/P-DIF input/output.
  • Stream player to play encoded data via S/P-DIF output
  • Stream extractor to extract encoded streams S/P-DIF input
  • The D-Box AC3 player is a useful tool to watch movies with Dolby Digital audio (like Pro7 in Germany).
  • Toccata emulation

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