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Prometheus PCI Z-III Prometheus PCI Z-III

Prometheus is the most advanced PCI bridge solution for Zorro III equipped Amiga computers. Designed and produced with the highest quality technology, it gives your Amiga fascinating expansion perspectives. With Prometheus and the updated drivers available at the Matay website, you can connect to your Amiga a high performance graphics card, a good quality sound card and a fast network card (or modem). Even then, you will still have one free PCI slot for the planned G3 processor card, which will be designed to take over the control of your system. With this feature and the 68k emulator, you will no longer need an expensive 68k processor card. What options and expansion cards you choose, depends only on your financial resources and... the space available in your tower case. Drivers and their updates will always be ready to download from the Matay website, they will also be published on popular Amiga press coverdisks. With extensive help of - also independent - software developers the number of available drivers and graphics, sound, network TV-capture, etc. cards working with Prometheus will be constantly expanding.

  • Works with any Zorro III equipped Amiga, regardless of the turbo/processor card installed in the system
  • Four 32-bit PCI slots clocked with 33 MHz
  • Fits any tower case, also works with desktop A3000/4000s when open
  • Works with other Zorro III cards, supports AutoConfig
  • Real transfer rates between Amiga and PCI cards - up to 12 MB/s
  • Real transfer rates between PCI cards - up to 120 MB/s
  • Additional on-board connector for the power supply
  • Professionally designed four-layer printed circuit board with gold-galvanized contacts - complies the PCI standard specifications.

Together with the Prometheus card you get a CD-ROM with:

  • Drivers for the Voodoo3 graphics card, developed in close co-operation with Hyperion and the authors of Picasso96. 2D drivers work under the P96 system, 3D functions are available through Warp3D
  • Drivers for the music card and the network card
  • A completely free software development kit for programmers. There is no need to sign an NDA and there are no additional fees.
  • Demo versions of games using the 3D functions of Voodoo3: Heretic 2, Shogo, Wipeout 2097

Prometheus PCI Z-III

The Prometheus package also contains a three-lingual reference manual (Polish, English, German), holders for the bridge and PCI cards and an extension cord for a graphics card.

Technical information:
Due to the multiple tower solutions available for Amiga computers, there was no way to adapt the Prometheus to fit all of them. Therefore, Prometheus was designed as the smallest possible card to fit any tower case. It also fits desktop Zorro III equipped Amigas, however with PCI cards installed, you cannot close the case lid. Obviously, the PCI cards do not fit into the holder peg slots of the tower cases. That is extension cords for them are provided. Simply, connect the extension cord to the PCI card socket and screw the connector's holder peg on to an available free slot in your tower case. This solution gives you both the comfort of easy cord connection and the assurance that your PCI cards will not disconnect from the slot while you move the cords. Matay has the official support from the developers of Picasso96 graphics system, which guarantees the highest quality of the graphics drivers and its immediate updates if a bug is reported. P96 is compatible with CyberGraphX, so problems even with CGX dependent software are very unlikely.

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