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Dual G3/G4 microATX Mainboard

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The Pegasos I is discontinued, please have a look at its improved successor: Pegasos II.

Links opens in new window/tabPegasos board Links opens in new window/tabPegasos board Links opens in new window/tab750 CXe CPU card
Pegasos board Pegasos board 750 CXe CPU card
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By using a modular system design, the mainboard can be easily upgraded to fit the needs and demands of the users. With today's standard interfaces already integrated into the Pegasos mainboard, users will be able to easily connect standard components (such as hard drives or CD-Rom drives ) and a wide range of high-end devices such as digital video cameras to the system.

Pegasos is widely scaleable to the user's needs. By hitting the best price/performance point for the selected configuration, systems starting with one CPU (at entry level) to multiple PPC G4 based cluster computers can be built using the same hardware.

Links opens in new window/tabPegasos I/O
Links opens in new window/tabPegasos I/O


Tux Pegasos comes with Linux and MorphOS. MorphOS combines the modern concept of a slim micro kernel system with the innovative Pegasos hardware. The excellent scaleability of this combination allows the user to execute his applications transparently on one cpu or a cluster of several cpu's.

MorphOS Additionally, MorphOS features a highly optimized Motorola 680xx Emulator, allowing the execution of programs for this wide-spread cpu family. The so-called 'A-Box' enables MorphOS to run classic Amiga programs, 68k as well as PPC, that do not depend on the Amiga's custom chips. If you need to run programs depending on the custom chips, there's also a version of UAE available for MorphOS.

PEGASOS Features:

  • microATX mainboard (236 mm x 172 mm)
  • 133 MHz processor slot
  • 600 MHz PowerPC G3 750 CXe upto Dual PowerPC G4 MPC 7450
  • PC133 RAM (two sockets), upto 2 GB
  • AGP slot (2x)
  • PCI subsystem with three slots, optional Riser Card
  • IEEE1394 (Firewire) VIA VT6306 with 100/200/400 MBit data transfer
  • 10/100 MBit Realtek Phyceiver 8201 Ethernet
  • USB I/O system VIA 8231 with four connectors (two backside connectors, one frontside connector, one via AGP)
  • AC97 sound subsystem Sigmatel STAC 9766 Codec with mic input, line in/out and headset connector
  • IRDA for infra-red remote control
  • ATA100 VIA 8231 with two channels for upto four ATA devices
  • PS/2 keyboard connector
  • PS/2 mouse connector
  • RS232 (serial) port
  • Centronics port
  • Floppy
  • Gameport for PC-compatible joysticks
  • Two operating systems included: MorphOS and Linux

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