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Payback is a gangster warfare game with some serious attitude. A game inspired by Grand Theft Auto, but beating the original GTA in every way. The game engine supports perspective correct texture mapping, environment mapping (reflections), bump mapping, realistic shadows, alpha-channelling (lens flares, explosions and shockwaves), 12 channel 3D sound and realistic physics. Several languages available.

Features include:

  • Perspective correct texture mapping.
  • Environment mapped cars.
  • Bump-mapped reflections.
  • Realistic physics model.
  • Advanced alpha-channelling effects. (Check out those explosions and lens flares!)
  • 3 huge cities to explore.
  • Dozens of vehicles to drive, each with their own unique handling characteristics. Includes trucks, cars, buses, boats, tanks and a few other surprises!
  • Motion captured human animation.
  • Realistic real-time shadows.
  • Non-linear mission structure.
  • Advanced 3D audio system: Stereo, 12 channels, tracks up to 500 sounds, realistically simulates doppler effect and inverse-square law.
  • Runs well on an 040/25 - and is even better on faster machines!
  • Multiplayer mode with support for up to 4 players.
  • CD32 and PSX joypad support.
  • Graphics card support at resolutions of up to 1280x1024.

Requirements: 68020, 16Mb RAM, CD-ROM, AGA.
Recommended: 68040/25 or faster, 16 MB RAM, CD-ROM, hard disk, AGA or GFX card.

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