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convincing into detail

Wordprocessor, integrated Spreadsheat and Relational Data Base.
Complete but without overloads

Papyrus Screenshot

Huge amount of Desktop Publishing functions.

Style and Paragraph Formats include all information required for designing your paragraphs, information about used fonts, font height, font style a.s.o.; You can save this information as paragraph- and style-format templates (also combined as paragraph-textstyle-templates) you can drop these templates into a popup-menu which can be opened through the document-rulerbar.
You can gradate the attributes of your format-templates as you want (you can enable or disable every single attribute for font, fontsize optional hyphenation for paragraph- and styleformat); Change these formats very comfortably with the help of discontinuous blockmarking.

Generate Table of Contents automatically with hierarchical numbering in arbitrary design (letters, numbers, roman numbers); Format overview provides hypertext-function (a click on headline in the format-overview jumps to the respective part in your document).

Enumeration lists and unsorted lists with preceding Bullets or Strokes; Counter for pictures and tables.

Fully automatic readapting (text and source verify) Reference-Notes/Cross-References for references in headlines (the headline-references can be displayed with chapter-numbers and page-numbers or without), pictures, tables and any kind of textparts; this results into living headlines (chapter-headlines in the head-area of the page) and suchlike more.
References in your document are also used as hypertextlinks, you can click on these links and you will be routed to the respective text-part automatically.
Furthermore you can "misuse" such cross-references to use them as calculation-field.

Font-Management: All fonts are managed in font-families and can be choosen either from rulorbar or from an own font-dialog; Styles will be managed respectively to their font-families.
The font height can be adjusted in 1/100 steps from 1 upto 2000 points.
The fonts are easily editable in whole families or just in fontname and fontspoints without need to care for the different points per font, furthermore text-styles can be included too (once more through the helpfull discontinuous blockmarking).

Fully integrated Spread-Sheet Analysis with graphical presentation of the finest quality - flow text-fields (on decrease of the text quantity the fields reduce naturally automatically again in the height); combined fields (dissolvable by mouse-click); Narrow lines between two fields in style freely selectable; free filling samples for all fields; all fields rotatable (also combinded) in 90 degree steps (while maintaining the capability for editing).

Full Spread-Sheet Arithmetic Functions in all tables - All fields accessible by reference (also from other, even closed documents in highest speed), basic arithmetic operations, sums over any field ranges, statistics, trigonometry, conditional calculations (IF ... THEN ...) ... All number-displays are in each case for arbitrary adjustable separately for any field-formats like aftercomma-figure, color, precent, minus sign, as well as text before it and behind it and automatic tabulator adjustment.

Forms with freely placeable input fields, which can be easily adapted to all defaults. This is where DTP creative power of papyrus-documents comes in handy, e.g. with the "only on screen" function for all frameworks, allowing you to bring defaults on the screen for your own orientation (which will not be printed out).

Relational Data Base "papyrus BASE" as an integrated component of papyrus OFFICE; our comfortable search possibilities find your data faster than any data base (you can try out these database functions with papyrus OFFICE Demo).
Be it for comfortable address administration (one for the immediate use prepared address data base is already included in papyrus OFFICE) or for a whole invoicing with calculation posting etc. (enclosed to papyrus OFFICE you find an invoice example data base which you can adapt easily to your needs).
Did you ever had to write already several invoices per minute? With papyrus OFFICE that can be done painlessly!
The integration of data base and word processing in a program gives many unique possibilities, which you can not find in most other Office packages, because these consist, as a general rule, only of separate programs.

Serial Letters and Data Base - Uniquely comfortable Data Base reports directly from papyrus OFFICE with full Papyrus-Text- and DTP-design possibilities, automatic administration of field names and transfer of the same by mouse-click at arbitrary places in the document (also multi-transfers are possible) also arbitrary arithmetic functions with the data base fields are possible during the report.
Here you can arrange your reports of address labels from article lists up to automatically filled out forms such as debit or cash on delivery notes or complete and complex serial letters. Naturally everything with Papyrus' free paperformats, thus of the label over the high-quality invitation on carton up to the normal letter.
A standard report is definable as "flash"-report so that you can get an address at minimum effort (two button clicks and typing of the search term) into your letter.
Reports can be defined as Internet Email so that you can inform all your customers with personally addressing Emails for example!

HyperOFFICE bibliography - from the interconnection of text- and data base part results the fact that you can administer e.g. complex literature work with your quotations simply in the data base and directly from your text quotes - normally it takes you a lot of time to create a billiogaphy, now its just a click on a button and its done - and its perfect (naturally freely designable, depending upon needs whom the work is to be transferred).

Templates respectively sample documents to provide prefabricated documents, which you need again and again. Callable from own path; Storing in the document path; in templates always used current dates are automatically set to standard date if you save as normal document.

Document exchange without problems: Papyrus has probably the most polished RTF (Rich Text Format, the document exchange format of the Mircosoft Corp.) for documents exchange from and to papyrus e.g. MS-Word as well as all other usual word processors (which normally are able to handle RTF). RTF-exchange handles page-layout, character sets, paragraph formats, serial letter fields, form fields, tables, pictures a.s.o., so that documents can be exchanged as far as possible loss-free between different programs and papyrus.
A unique feature is that papyrus handles ASCII- Im- and Export and also RTF 28 allocation tables (simply selectable over a popup), so that annoyance e.g. with German umlauts when transporting to other systems, e.g. to the Macintosh belongs to the past. Furthermore papyrus is able to import/export Mircosoft Word documents incl. Tables, images, paragraph-formats, formations etc. The papyrus database supports CSV, CSV Windows and Macintosh Excel formats, dbase I-IV and of cource ASCII.

The Search/Replace function can also create discontinue blocks for each appearance of the search term in your document.

Font overview - you can select each font of the complete character set with a simple mouse-click. Internally, papyrus supports the full 16-Bit Unicode management for fonts.

The Spelling Correction "IntelliView-Correction", those which already found a well-kown "big" imitator because of its unobstrusive background control, is included in papyrus since 1993!

Automatic Footnotes administration directly on the document pages with likewise automatic consecutively numbering.
The footnote area can be arranged freely in offset, hyphen etc.

Wildcards for page number with additional offset, file name optionally with path, date optional allways new computed alternatively with offset, date of last changes, constant date; date-format freely adjustable.

Extremely fast adding of Keywords into the index by automatic transfer of the selected word, re-use of the last generic term as well as all other parameters with the next call. So that normally a shortcut-call of the dialogue and the confirmation with "OK" is enough (just two keyboard hits) for adding a keyword with all suitable parameters (generic term, reversal, page number opt. bold, italic, text in front of it/behind it, opt. own text style).

To the usual bold, italic etc. there are also extended text attributes such as blockage, color (for each letter separately selectable), Microspacing, micro step positioning which is very useful for writing formulas (see image on the left hand).

Typing from left to right as paragraph format for e.g. Arabic texts.

Text lines can be clasped and held together lines can be adjusted for top and bottom of the page.

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