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The Easy Way to Make a Green Platform

The ODROID Smart Power is an easily deployable power supply that collects voltage, current and power of the system load to enable developers to optimize energy consumption. Its LCD shows voltage, current, watt and watt-hour(Wh) simultaneously. You can also see the graphical energy transient on your PC via USB interface.

Schematics and software source code are here: Links opens in new window/tab

Technical Details:

  • Output Voltage: DC 3.00 ~ 5.25 Volt
  • Output Current: DC 5A (max)
  • Input Power: DC 12 Volt/3A (36 Watt)
  • Measurement: Voltage, Current, Watt, Watt-Hour (Sample rate: 10 Hz)
  • Tolerance: 2% (typ.)
  • LCD: 16x2 character type with LED backlight
  • USB device port: Data communication with PC (10 Hz sampling rate)
  • Buttons: output on/off, start/stop measurement of Watt-Hour
  • Volume: voltage adjust
  • Outputs: 4 mm diameter banana jack, USB host port, wire connector
  • Etc: firmware update via USB

Package Contents:

  • ODROID Smart Power
  • Power supply unit (AC-DC adapter) (12 VDC/3 A, 5.5/2.1 mm)
  • USB cable (USB-A/Micro USB plugs)
  • DC plug cable (5.5mm/2.1mm) for ODROID-XU/XU+E/XU3
  • DC plug cable (2.5mm/0.8mm) for ODROID-X/X2/U2/X2/U3

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