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Nightlong Nightlong

3 CDs - The biggest game on Amiga!

Year 2099. Progress continuously advances like an unstoppable giant of steel. The flat lives of people slowly fade inside jam-packed cities like Union, capital of the new nation.

Everything lies in the grip of an eternal paralysis, predicated like gospel from multi-national corporations. Only those who belong to the elite have learned about arts and sciences, matter and soul.

States are nothing but flags, soldiers defending a civilization that is not civil anymore. Cyberspace has made its appearance to save the citizens from everyday reality. It is a virtual network, generated from the fusion of all digital connections of the last millenium.

Many Multinationals regard this non-existent space as an ideal resort for their business meetings and research communities.

Cyberspace can offer you anything: leisure, travels, friends you never had and dreams you never dreamt. Drugs are its natural, organic brainchild.

Recently a company has announced the inauguration of its latest "Neural Navigation System" with a slogan that proclaims "full reality in virtual experiences"...

The last sunrays are gone now and the warm breeze of a June's night somehow weakens the miasma that people here call air.

In the desolation of the Union Industrial Borderland, Joshua Reeve, ex-lieutenant of the military services, is silently waiting for the arrival of his new client.

He's not here for the money, anyway. It's just that an old debt had to be paid back.

His wait is interrupted by the landing manoeuvre of a luxurious Limousine, the car of his former captain Hugh Martens. It is strange, the taste in your mouth when you're going to meet the man who saved your life. It's like savouring your own blood.

Nowadays Martens is Union City's mayor, but his popularity seems to be rapidly going downhill. The reason is directly connected to the attacks of a group of terrorists, who have targeted the most important industrial installations in the city, included the Genesis Cryogenic Enterprise, who is no less than Martens' electoral sponsor.

Joshua has to find those damned rebels. His investigation is going to start from the apartment of a guy called Simon Ruby, a police officer infiltrated in the terrorist group who has disappeared more than 24 hours ago.


  • Published on PC by Team 17
  • Stunning 16-bit cyberpunk graphics
  • Jaw-dropping full-screen movie sequences
  • Over 80 gorgeous and detailed locations to explore
  • Lots and lots of speech recorded by professional actors
  • Engrossing puzzles
  • Simple point-and-click interface, mouse controls every aspect of the game
  • 4 additional languages (German, Italian, French, Spanish) can be displayed as movie-like subtitles

System requirements:
Minimum: 68030, 16 MB RAM, gfx card, CD-ROM drive
Recommended: 68060 or PPC, 32 MB RAM

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