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Multytenne (schiefergrau) Multytenne (beige)

Technisat Multytenne

This compact, high-quality dish with a diameter of only 45 cm allows you to receive signals from the four satellite positions

  • EUTELSAT 13° East,
  • ASTRA 19,2° East,
  • ASTRA 23,5° East and
  • Eurobird-ASTRA 28,5° East
in parallel and without any need for a rotating motor.

To receive the four orbital positions in parallel, all you need to do is to align the Multytenne correctly for the ASTRA 19,2° East position.

The Multytenne reception unit provides exceptional performance, and a patent on its construction is pending. It incorporates four excellent electronic reception units, which are controlled via a DiSEqC Switch 4/1. This means that all that is required for connection to the digital satellite receiver is a single, normal co-axial cable.

The system provides outstanding reception characteristics. Nevertheless, it must be pointed out that the final determinant of signal quality is the transmission performance of the respective transponder on the satellite being used.

Product Features

External unit

  • Completely pre-assembled
  • Extremely stable
  • Durable, weather-proof
  • Outstanding signal quality
  • 45 cm high performance aluminium offset dish (DigiDish 45)
  • Multytenne reception unit (consists of four top-quality UNIVERSAL V/H LNBs)
  • Alu-Rapid mount: high-quality wall mount with innovative new mounting technology
Items supplied
  • Satellite dish antenna
  • Multytenne reception unit (LNBs)
  • Wall mount
  • 10 m cable with mounted connectors
  • Installation instructions
Dimensions: Diameter 45 cm

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