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Replacement Floppy Disk Drive for Sony MP-F52W-20 (top view)  Replacement Floppy Disk Drive for Sony MP-F52W-20 (bottom view)

Replacement Floppy Disk Drive for Sony MP-F52W-20

100% Compatible (Read/Write) Substitute FDD


This substitute floppy disk drive (based on a highly reliable Teac drive) replaces the original Sony MP-F52W-20 FDD of your HP4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer. The steel faceplate fits the HP4145B perfectly, the drive can be mounted easily without any soldering or modification of the floppy controller electronics. The whole repair job can actually be done with a single Phillips screwdriver!

Links opens in new window/tabOutside view Links opens in new window/tabBoot process Links opens in new window/tabMenu Links opens in new window/tabMounted drive
Outside view with drive fitted Boot process initiated Boot process complete Mounted drive (bottom view)

Please note: The drive LED is always lit.

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