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  • PPC support (WarpOS and PowerUP)
  • 100% assembly code (short & fast)
  • Support for AVI and MOV files in a single executable
  • Support for INTEL INDEO 3.1 & 3.2 (IV31/IV32)
  • Support for the video overlay of CV64/3D, CV/BVPPC, Picasso IV
  • A nice and well integrated GUI with volume control, playback speed control, play/pause button, LCD, etc.
  • Handles multiple files, you can step back/forth between files during playback!
  • Extremely fast playback speed, far superior to any other AVI/MOV player on any other computer platform!
  • Fast and buffered I/O handling (direct playback from CD-ROM or HDD)
  • FAST chunky to planar algorithms for smooth ECS/AGA playback
  • FULL AGA support (256 colours, HAM8, 18-bit and the FAST 18-bit STORM
  • ECS support (16 grayscale), 16-shade grayscale window playback
  • Full support of the CD32 Akiko chip
  • Synchronized audio playback. MooVID has the very best asynchronous audio/video playback, audio playback remains completely smooth and uninterrupted even when most video frames are skipped on slower processors
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Completely system friendly. No hacks, nice, clean OS-friendly code
  • Fast window playback on ANY public screen (32 colour screen recommended)
  • Automatic audio frequency scaling when needed (allows 44 kHz audio playback on PAL/NTSC)
  • Direct Picasso 96 support (no CyberGraphX emulation)
  • Direct CyberGraphX support
  • Optimized video decoders for individual graphic boards (for Picasso II/IV, CV64 & CV64/3D, CVPPC, BVPPC, Spectrum, Piccolo, Retina Z3, Domino, Merlin)
  • Special fast grayscale playback
  • Special playback mode for ZorroII graphics boards to achieve much higher speeds (like Picasso II, Picasso IV or CV64/3D in ZorroII mode)

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