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Mirage 4000 Pro Mirage 4000 Pro

With five PCI slots, six Zorro-III slots and eight drive bays plus 300W PSU power, the Mirage 4000 Pro is designed for massive expandability.

Use the five high-performance PCI slots to add graphic, sound, Fast Ethernet, TV and the SharkPPC G3/G4 cards to your Amiga 4000. All in a modern, functional, spacious and compact tower case.

Links opens in new window/tab360°! Mirage 4000 Tower case:

  • 300W power supply unit
  • 2 bays for 5.25" drives
  • 1 bay for Amiga floppy disc drive
  • 6 bays for 3.5" (internal) hard disc drives
  • Chassis structure: steel
  • Dimensions: length 425 mm (16.7"), width 210 mm (8.3"), height 405 mm (15.9")
  • Weight: 10 kg (22.1 lbs)
  • Front panel:
    • RESET button
    • Green LED: the power supply unit working
    • Red LED: HDD working
  • Case structure guarantees EMC electromagnetic noise shielding

Mirage A4000 Zorro III/PCI busboard:

  • 6 Zorro III/II slots
  • 1 Video slot
  • 5 PCI slots

Mediator PCI 4000:

  • Five PCI slots supported (PCI 2.1 compatible)
  • 33MHz PCI clock (66MHz optional)
  • 132MB/s between PCI slots (264MB/s optional)
  • 32-bit PCI datapatch
  • 4GB PCI memory space
  • Busmastering/DMA in all PCI slots
  • DMA to A4000 motherboard space
  • SGRAM of PCI gfx card as system memory
  • Address and data parity control support
  • Interrupt controller (4 lines)
  • 6 Zorro and 5 PCI cards support
  • Compatible with all A4000 processor cards
  • Ready for SharkPPC(+) G3/G4 cards
For more information about Mediator PCI 4000, please see our Mediator PCI 4000 webpage.

Mediator Multimedia CD:
Drivers for the following PCI cards are enclosed in the Mediator Multimedia CD:

  • Graphic cards
  • Ethernet 10Mbps cards
  • Fast Ethernet 100Mbps cards
  • TV tuner cards
  • Sound cards
For more information about Mediator Multimedia CD, please see our Mediator Multimedia CD webpage.

It is so simple and you don't need to know anything about electronics, structural engineering or anything - if you can manage to stack a few Lego bricks together, you will manage this.

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