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Mindcandy Volume 1: PC Demos  Mindcandy Volume 1: PC Demos


Volume 1: PC Demos

Mindcandy Vol. 1 is a Video DVD compilation of 42 of the greatest PC demos of the past 10 years, all remastered and framerate-optimized scene by scene. Also included are: audio commentary from the MindCandy crew and the demo creators, a 16-minute featurette on the history and making of demos with exclusive interviews, a colour booklet, menu music by scene musicians and more. The DVD can be played back by every standard DVD-player

Side 1 contains modern demos with lots of colour and 3D effects, impressing demo sceners and people who just want to sit back and watch cool computer animations from their couch alike. Included demos are:

  • Wonder
  • 604
  • Kosmiset Avaruus Sienet
  • Further
  • Chrome
  • Volatile
  • Tesla
  • Broadband
  • Mikrostrange
  • Moral Hard Candy
  • TE-2RB
  • Le Petit Prince
  • Energia
  • Gerbera
  • Lapsus,
  • Enlight the Surreal
  • Experimental
  • Live Evil
  • The Nonstop Ibiza Experience
  • Codename Chinadoll
  • Art
  • Kasparov

Side 2 provides an overview of classic 'oldschool' PC demos. These are the demos you just can't get running anymore, or never got running properly due to a 'wrong' sound or graphics card. You'll get a kick watching them again, while ignorant people just might think you're crazy :) Included demos are:

  • Second Reality
  • Megademo
  • Cronologia
  • Unreal
  • Amnesia
  • Panic
  • Crystal Dream 2
  • Show
  • Verses
  • Dope
  • X14
  • Stars: Wonders of the World
  • Reve
  • Paimen
  • Inside
  • Megablast
  • 303
  • Saint
  • Square
  • Riprap

The project has been in the making for more than two and a half years, and it couldn't have been in better hands: the authors of the Mindcandy DVD are those people who gave the worldwide computer-demo scene its first internet home in 1992 and ran it until 1998: ex-Hornet (Trixter, Phoenix, Stony, Snowman) and Fusecon (Dan Wright, creator of the original Hornet archive).

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Mindcandy Volume 1 Mindcandy Volume 1: PC Demos, DVD with PC Demos
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Mindcandy Volume 1Mindcandy Volume 1: PC Demos, DVD with PC Demos
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