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MCC - Multi Classic Computer

Multiple Classic Computer

The MCC bundle makes your arcade dreams become reality!

The classic computer and classic arcade fans are just waiting for a device which allows them to go back to the good and easy operation and gaming experience from the past. Many people still have unique software and programs which are still unbeatable when it comes to user friendliness or gaming fun.

C64 Forever The reconfigurable and generic design of the Multiple Classic Computer will allow an easy switch between multiple different realizations and representations of classic computers. For now, the MCC comes with a C64 core, allowing you to play a selection of games directly out of the box. The MCC comes with Cloanto's C64 Forever package, the games stored on the CD-ROM are already present on the MCC's microSD card. Just power it on and enjoy pure C64 goodness. If you'd like to play other C64 games, just copy the d64 files to the microSD card with your PC and insert it into the MCC.

Competition Pro Retro The MCC features two joystick interfaces identical to those of the Commodore, Atari or Amiga home computers. One Competition Pro Retro joystick is included with the package, so you can play right away. Grab another one and you can invite a friend to join in the fun.

Internal memory enables the permanent storage of favorite games and applications, the menu overlay allows for easy selection of the application or game and the desired classic computer.

microSD card A stereo audio output allows the connection to each TV set, amplifier or computer monitor to explore enhanced sound. All this paired with the newest available hardware and new interface, like SD card, S-Video and RGB output, improve the picture quality and the openness of the system.

Currently the MCC supports Commodore 64 emulation only, but Amiga emulation will follow soon with a simple software upgrade (other classic computers will follow after that). Easy selection of platform, games and application software with enhanced human machine interface will be supported.

Power supply and cables Package Contents:
Don't forget to order a second Competition Pro Retro joystick along with your MCC for two-player action. If your TV doesn't have an S-Video socket, please have a look at our cables and adapters.

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