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System Performance In order to ensure problem-free recording, MasterISO begins with a comprehensive System Performance evaluation. This will test the three critical aspects of the system: CD-ROM, CD-R/RW and hard drive speeds.

CD-ROM Creation

A primary use of CD-R/RW writing technology is to create data discs. MasterISO includes a comprehensive File Manager that allows the user to assemble and manipulate the entire directory structure. Options are organized in a logical left to right progression, eliminating the need to hunt through endless menus.

The CD-R/RW engine supports ISO 9660, Rock Ridge and Joliet file systems. Full control over their respective options is provided. MasterISO also supports Amiga-specific Rock Ridge Extensions, allowing for Amiga-friendly CD-ROM discs. Image generation can either be directed to a standard ISO image file or written on-the-fly to a CD-R/RW drive.

CD to CD-R/RW Copy

A CD to CD-R/RW copying feature allows the user to make duplicates of existing compact discs. Multiple copy and multiple source support are integrated features in both Track-At-Once and Disc-At-Once modes.

Audio CD Creation

The Audio project allows the user to create custom audio discs from any audio file. Several audio formats can be imported and the data is converted on-the-fly during the write operation.

CD-RW Support

Support for the next generation CD-RW technology is included in MasterISO. Four erase types, from single track to full disc, allow the user to manage re-writable media.

Advanced Project

In addition to the File Manager, MasterISO's Advanced project also includes a Write Manager and an Audio Manager. The Write Manager allows the user to place arbitrary tracks on the CD-R/RW disc from a variety of sources in a number of different formats.

In Disc-At-Once mode, sector level placement of sources is possible. Full track and index editing is available via an intuitive interface.

The Audio Manager allows for batch conversion of audio files to CDDA.  This provides a method for classic Amiga computers to transfer the conversion phase to an off-line process.

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