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Immortal 3

Immortal 3

150 minutes of music from 35 Amiga games

It took almost four years to complete Immortal 3. Arguably one of the most ambitious European game music projects to date, this massive double CD has been published by synSONIQ Records and features over 150 minutes of arranged music from no less than classic 35 Amiga games. Jan Zottmann was at the helm of production again, this time supported by Thomas Böcker of Merregnon Studios. Artists such as Jason Page, Olof Gustafsson, Tim Bartlett and Jim Cuomo joined `Immortal' veterans like Brimble, Leitch or Lynne. Series creator Ruben Monteiro made a guest appearance as an arranger. The CDs were finally mastered at Pauler Acoustics, the very same studio Chris Hülsbeck used in 1993 to master his legendary 'Turrican' soundtrack. A particular musical highlight of the album is certainly the epic live orchestral recording of Hülsbeck's `Apidya' main title which was also performed by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra when `Immortal 3' exclusively premiered on June 14, 2006 in Stockholm during a concert of `PLAY! A Video Game Symphony', the first symphony world tour featuring music from blockbuster video games.

CD 1:
  1. Apidya "Suite" (Hülsbeck)
  2. Gods "Into the Wonderful" (Nation 12)
  3. Theatre of Death (Clarke)
  4. Ghouls'n Ghosts (Follin)
  5. Turrican 2 (Hülsbeck)
  6. Turrican 3 ("2nd Floor") (Hülsbeck)
  7. Fire and Ice (Page)
  8. Pinball Dreams (Gustafsson)
  9. Disposable Hero (Hoekman & Holt)
  10. The Chaos Engine (Joseph)
  11. Agony (Wright)
  12. Death Mask "Something Evil" (Owens)
  13. Defender of the Crown (Cuomo)
  14. Lotus 3: The Ultimate Challenge (Phelan)
  15. The Plague (Klaren)
  16. Alien Breed (Brimble)
  17. Aquaventura (Wright)
  18. Ambermoon (Steinwachs)
CD 2:
  1. Wings of Death (Hippel)
  2. No Second Prize (Steinwachs)
  3. Speedball 2 "Brutal Deluxe" (Nation 12)
  4. Brat (Lynne)
  5. Amberstar (Hippel)
  6. Shadow of the Beast 2 (Wright)
  7. Uridium 2 (Page)
  8. Cardiaxx (Simmonds)
  9. Pinball Fantasies (Gustafsson)
  10. Elfmania (Eeben)
  11. Overdrive (Brimble)
  12. Ork (Bartlett)
  13. Leander (Simmonds)
  14. Obsession "Desert Run" (Almered)
  15. Katakis (Zendeh)
  16. Super Cars 2 (Leitch)
  17. Trolls (Nixon)

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