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iBrowse 2

The new Internet browser you've waited for so long.

iBrowse 2 received lots of improvements since its last version. Let's face some of the most important ones:

iBrowse 2 supports the ECMA-262 (now ISO-16262) standard of JavaScript. This means that iBrowse 2 can load pages that contain both JavaScript and JScript (the Microsoft equivalent). The currently supported version is JavaScript 1.2. This feature can be disabled and enabled in the security section.

ICE - iBrowse Cache Explorer
The cache system for iBrowse 2 has been completely rewritten. It is now much faster, it now displays filenames organised by domain name, plus it now has powerful search and filter facilities.

iBrowse enables you to attempt to access sites by spoofing (masquerading) as a "Mozilla" compatible browser. Normally iBrowse announces itself to the world as:
IBrowse/2.0 (AmigaOS 3.1)
When spoofing is enabled it appears to be:
Mozilla/4.5 [en] (Win98; I) (Compatible IBrowse/2.0 (AmigaOS 3.1))

URL completer
The URL completer now uses your cache history to guess the site you wish to visit; it works in a very similar way to the URL completer in Netscape Navigator.

Configurable Toolbar
The iBrowse toolbar is now user-configurable. You may adjust the layout of the standard buttons, remove any or all of the standard buttons, add your own buttons with their own actions.

Support for SSL2 and SSL3
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 2.0 and 3.0 enable you to send information to secure sites with safety and confidence. Secure sites are equipped to prevent unauthorized people from seeing the data sent to and from those sites.

Improved download handling
iBrowse now received enhanced features for logging of downloads and resuming failed downloads.

Browser tabs
Browser tabs reduce the clutter of having several browser windows open in order to switch quickly between several web pages - now you can have more than one web page open in the same browser window and quickly switch between pages simply by clicking the relevant tab.

Not only can you print entire pages - text and graphics - to a graphical printer (like a colour inkjet for example) or to a PostScript printer, but you can also map fonts so that (for example) text that is displayed on-screen using bitmapped fonts can be printed using scalable Compugraphic fonts. iBrowse supports mapping PostScript and non-PostScript printer fonts.

Cookies manager
Cookies can be monitored with the new cookies manager. Using the cookies manager you can see what cookies are stored on your system, and remove the ones you don't want.

Plug-ins are additional programs which provide specific support for particular types of media - support that isn't built directly into iBrowse. For example, if a web page plays a midi tune you might require a plug-in to play it. iBrowse supports these plugins.

And this is far not everything that's new about iBrowse 2. Have a try and explore it yourself!

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