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Hell Squad Code Name Hell Squad

Somewhere in the universe in a galaxy far away...

After successfully graduating from university, a young and rich alien boy is awarded an intergalactic space ship as a gift from his parents. Trying to figure out the most effective way of spending his free time he decides to travel off to a distant planet in another galaxy and have some fun. To us this planet is known as Earth.

Soon enough, the alien boy becomes familiar with all the high-tech capabilities of his new toy and starts having real fun by employing his superior technology on the blue planet. Earthlings, on the other hand, do not seem to share the boy's enthusiasm and sense for fun.

Unable to discover the cause of all the new circumstances that confuse and frighten Earth's population, American government forms a task force with a mission to find and eliminate the threat. The task force assigns the ground operation to their best four men already proven in similar situations...

Leading the team of 4 mercenary soldiers through beautifully hand-drawn backgrounds your mission is simple: survive. Your mission begins like many similar missions before, your team is sent behind the enemy lines in a rescue mission. But as soon as you land on the ground you are going to realize that nothing is like supposed to be and your only preoccupation will become to get your team out alive.

Are you good enough to get your team out of the unknown? Can you survive deep inside the enemy territory? Code Name Hell Squad is an arcade adventure game settled in an unpredictable and deadly surrounding.

System requirements:
Minimum: PAL or NTSC screen, min. 68000, 3MB Ram (2MB have to be Chip-Ram!), 2x speed CD-ROM
Recommended: AGA, more memory, faster CPU, faster CD-ROM

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