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G-REX 1200 PCI
G-REX 1200 PCI

PCI busboard for towerized Amiga 1200 computers, featuring 5 PCI slots, 32 Bit DMA mode, transfer rates up to 25 MB/s, 1.76 GB address space without bank switching, AT and ATX power supply connectors (ATX requires an additional chip, which is not included).

An extensive driver package is included (driver development is discontinued, so please make sure the available software meets your requirements).

The G-REX 1200 PCI is connected to the BlizzardPPC card, hence this card is a requirement. Suitable for the following tower models: Winner/Power/Elbox-, Infinitiv, or V-Tower.



  • Extremely fast PCI bridge design
  • Linear memory access without bank switching
  • Powerful PCI library residing in Flash ROM
  • Drivers made by Vision Factory (the makers of CyberGraphX)
  • Real DMA for fast network and sound support

Drivers for graphics cards:

  • Voodoo 3-2000/3000
  • Voodoo 4-4500
  • Voodoo 5-5500
  • Virge S3
  • Permedia 2
  • SIS 6326
  • Warp 3D support for Voodoo 3

Drivers for network cards:

  • Ethernet cards 10 MBit (RTL 8029 Realtek)

Soundcard drivers:

  • Terratec 128i

Visionary for TV cards.

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