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Amiga Forever Amiga Forever V3.0
The Amiga Emulator CD-ROM

No longer available, replaced by Amiga Forever 9.

Amiga Forever is the all-in-one Amiga emulation and connectivity environment for PCs, officially licensed by Amiga International.

Amiga Forever 3.0 includes version 3.1 of the Amiga ROM and OS files and AGA support under WinUAE. Additional preinstalled programs and features, like for example Personal Paint, TurboText, drag-and-drop LhA de-archiving and the ToolManager dock have been updated.

This version additionally includes an archive with a new, ready-to-run PowerMac version.

This emulation is currently the only way of having an Amiga laptop (if we assume that you install it on a PC laptop or on a Mac Powerbook/iBook).

Amiga Forever 3.0 - Overview

Amiga Forever contains state of the art software to satisfy two major needs of many Amiga users: to share data between Amiga and other systems, and to use their existing Amiga software and data on non-Amiga hardware. Additionally, software, tutorial and reference files which are likely to be of interest to any Amiga enthusiast are included with the CD-ROM.

Amiga Forever 3.0 includes:

  • Officially licensed Amiga ROM and OS files, versions 1.3 and 3.1. The CD-ROM includes additional versions of historical interest (all generic versions between 1.0 and 3.1 that have been officially released ).
  • Amiga Explorer 3.02 networking software, which allows you to connect an Amiga to one or more PCs, and access Amiga files (including virtual ADF and ROM files), directories and volumes directly from the Windows Desktop. Amiga Explorer is easy to install and configure and includes direct support for serial (null modem) cable connections, as well as TCP/IP.
  • Exclusive interview with Jay Miner, "Father of the Amiga", on topics ranging from the birth of the Amiga to computers and society in form of an audio track.
  • UAE Amiga emulator for Windows ("WinUAE"). All emulation support files (Amiga ROM and OS, Cloanto Amiga software, Picasso 96 drivers, etc.) can easily be used by other implementations (DOS, Linux, Be, Next, etc.) of these emulators, as well as by future new versions. On the CD-ROM version the Fellow emulator for DOS and experimental versions of UAE for PowerPC Amiga and PowerMac systems are also included. Source code for the emulation software (including the Linux version of UAE) is included in the "Archives" directory of the CD-ROM.
  • Picasso 96 drivers for the emulation software, supporting palette modes up to 256 colors, as well as true color.
  • Cloanto Personal Paint 7.1b (paint, animation and image processing software, with short tutorials), DirDiff 5.1 (file synchronization and replication software), AmiToRTF 4.2 (to convert texts from Amiga to Windows formats) and MailBX to convert Amiga mail archives to Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express and Exchange Server. A copy of these programs is installed in a directory which is easily accessible from "real" Amiga systems.
  • Bonus software by third parties, such as the TurboText editor (an exclusive version with the latest patches), KingCON, archiving and extraction tools, all preinstalled for easy drag-and-drop functionality with ToolManager. Documentation for this software is available from the Amiga (emulation) side.
  • Tutorials and FAQs on data sharing, emulation, floppy disks, serial links, TCP/IP, UAE, Fellow and much more.
  • The CD-ROM is a multi-platform CD (ISO, Rock-Ridge Amiga, Joliet and Audio). The Macintosh files, which contain a ready-to-run (experimental) PowerMac configuration, are contained in a StuffIt archive.

Supported Platforms

The Amiga emulation software comes preinstalled and preconfigured for Windows and DOS on Intel platforms. The Amiga ROM and OS files can be used by any implementation of the Amiga emulators, including for example Unix/Linux (UAE comes with source code), Be, PowerMac, etc. These emulators are constantly updated, and can be downloaded from the Internet.

The emulation software included with Amiga Forever does not require a "real" Amiga. On Windows systems, the emulation can be either installed or run directly from CD (without installation). The ready-to-run (experimental) PowerMac version is included in a StuffIt archive, from where it can be extracted to the Macintosh hard disk.

Amiga Explorer and Documentation

The Amiga Explorer software, the automatic program launcher and the automatic installation software are specifically designed for Windows. The Amiga Explorer networking software is independent from the emulation part, and can be installed separately.

The Amiga software and documentation included in Amiga Forever are completely independent from both the networking and the emulation components, and can be accessed on an Amiga computer, or from the emulation environment. The Amiga software and documentation are also preinstalled in the Amiga Forever emulation environment.

The main Amiga Forever documentation is in HTML format, and can be read with any web browser. The Amiga-specific documentation is in AmigaGuide format, and in part also in HTML.

The main documentation is in English. The documentation of Personal Paint is in English, German and Italian. Some Amiga emulation tutorials by third parties are in German, French, Polish and Italian. The Amiga ROM and OS files on Amiga Forever include localizations in all languages supported by the Amiga OS.

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