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Farting Santa

Farting Santa

X-Mas Fun at the Push of a Button :-)

This is a very special Santa Claus. It doesn't only look cute, it can also produce the cutest sounds. Santa's body (which is 22 cm tall) holds a special surprise inside, it carries a loudspeaker that can make five different farting sounds (but without the smell, phew) whenever you feel like it. Just use the remote control to make Santa suffer from bad flatulence and give X-Mas that special note you always missed. :-)

The remote control needs a 12V battery (included), Santa himself requires 4 1.5V AAA batteries (not included). The loudspeaker can be removed (and used on its own), so when you have run this gag on all of your family and friends, you can disarm Santa and fill him with candy. That's not as funny, but still a good present.

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