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eFlash 4000 eFlash 4000

eFlash 4000 is an autobooting Zorro III card fitted with 1 MB or 2 MB of FlashROM memory with extremely fast 32-bit design. The on-board FlashROM allows storage of programs which are run at the computer's boot-up process.

Minimum hardware configuration: any Amiga with Zorro III slots
Recommended configuration: Amiga 3000 or 4000 with a Mediator PCI system and a PowerPC processor running under AmigaOS4

eFlash 4000 features:

  • 1 MB or 2 MB of Flash memory
  • Extremely fast Zorro III interface
    eFlash 4000 is a 32-bit, autobooting device configured in the Zorro-III address space. With the extremely fast Zorro-III interface, eFlash 4000 is several times faster than any FlashROM installed on a Zorro-II card.
  • 32-bit datapatch
    The true 32-bit interface gives significant increase in speed when the computer boots from AmigaOS Kickstart stored in eFlash 4000.
  • Boot ON/OFF
    eFlash 4000 is provided with a hardware switch for activation/deactivation of computer booting from the Flash memory.
  • Program selector
    eFlash 4000 is provided with a hardware switch for selecting starting of an alternative batch of programs stored in the Flash memory.
  • Hardware write protection
    eFlash 4000 is provided with hardware protection against unwanted or accidental reprogramming.
  • 100,000 erase/programming cycles
    MXIC Flash technology reliably stores memory contents even after 100,000 erase and program cycles.
  • 20-year data retention
    The newest Flash technology guarantees very long retention time.

eFlash 4000 is compatible with all A3000/4000 processor card models.

Installation is a trouble-free fit-in process. eFlash 4000 fits in any Zorro-III slot.

Flash Writing/Verifying/Reading Tool software is bundled with eFlash 4000.

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