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EASys! EASys!

EasySystem, the new work environment

  • Comprehensive Workbench Menu:
    • Including more than 100 comprehensively prepared menu driven functions.
    • No need to rework this menu, but if you want, do it
  • Perfect internet integration:
    • Internet Toolbar
    • Automatic cooperation of TCP/IP Stack, Browser, eMail application, ...including auto-dial-in and mail fetching.
    • send files and complete drawers within less than 3 clicks using your eMail client and having the choice of all commonly known archiving types for the receipient (using the embedded EasyArc).
    • visit WWW addresses simply by using workbench icons or by using easily self-enhancable workbench WWW-Site menus including auto-dial-in, browser start and site selection.
  • Comprehensive Toolbar:
    • easily to be made available within every frontmost public screen
  • "EasyView" Multimedia presentation agent:
    • EasyView is the center presentation agent for sound files, graphics, texts and animations or videos.
    • No need to use tiresome shell commands anymore
    • No need of tiresome searches for the appropriate presentation tool for each filetype.
    • This presentation agent is able to be 100% plugged into most of all current application's user environments and simply serves as the whole system's MIME types viewer dispatching system.
  • "Edit" agent for use with Workbench:
    • Simply Drag&Drop icons of text files or scripts onto this button and have them immediately started with your preferred editor
    • simply press the button and have a file lister for selecting the files to be edited.
  • "EasyPrint" printer agent
    • Simply Drag&Drop icons of all kinds of filetypes onto this button and have them immediately handed over to the appropriate application for printing them out
    • simply press the button and have a file lister for selecting the files to be printed.
  • "EasyArc" archiving / dearchiving agent:
    • simply Drag&Drop icons of all commonly used archive types onto this button and have them dearchived within 2 clicks
    • all-in-one user interface for all types of archives
    • simply Drag&Drop files and drawers onto that button and have them archived in the format of your choice within 3 clicks
    • or just use the menu "File usage/..create LhA here" in order to create a local LhA archive from all workbench selected files.
  • Program button bank:
    • For immediate access to the most commonly used programs (also usable for drag&drop of appropriate files for the application) and many more (graphics, sounds, office, file maintenance button banks)
  • Comprehensive EasyFiler:
    • Completely working in multitasking mode plugged into the Workbench environment. Thus, the usage of the EasyFiler within the Workbench environment makes your Workbench usage a multithreaded event.
    • Additionally, you may now use a Workbench files clipboard for Copy, Cut & Paste (lAmiga c,x,v).
    • The EasyFiler automatically opens it's dialog windows within the currently frontmost public screen. Thus, you get complete file access directly within all available public screens.
    • Including file attributes information windows plus version info on binaries.
    • Including informative progress bar
    • Easy-to-use file deletion dialog This offers you a simple selection wether to permanently delete workbench selected files or to move them to the trashcan (GlobalTrash automatically supported if already installed). When deleting directories, you may stop the deletion at any point of deletion progress.
    • Including progress bar.
  • Powerful Finder:
    • Easy-to-use search / automatic replacing of text and sentences within files and drawers including direct access to lots of EASys! features.
  • Online Help: Giving you the ability to have fast access to all online documentation which is already installed on your system. Including lots of manual pages for quite all AmigaDOS commands.
  • EasyPattern: Change the desktop background picture simply by point&click on picture files or simply by saving actually created graphics to virtual drives which are supplied by the EASys! environment.
  • "DDconv": Offers automatic conversion of quite all kinds of filetypes and archives within one comprehensive user interface. Including little but widespread used graphics manipulation features.
  • Improved Shell functionality
    • Lots of additional commands and aliases for power users
    • The Shell is opened automatically within the EASys! agent's last used drawer.
    • Menu for easily-to-fix position and size of the used shells
  • Icon editing by point&click including easy-to-use icon type conversion and tooltype presetting
  • Voice guided user dialogs integrated within the EASys! agents. If you like it, use it, if you don't switch voice off.
  • SayTime using voice samples (optional)
  • Simple-to-use German-English / English-German dictionary (optional)
  • Correction of startup-sequence and user-startup related inconveniences. Your system will boot much more stable than before, thanks to ModAS, the Modular Amiga Startup system.
  • ModAS also offers active prevention of 15 kHz screenmodes while booting the system.
  • Your current user environment will be kept up to 95% after the installation of EASys! So be prepared, some changes will take place, but you will enjoy the comfort!

System Requirements: Amiga OS 3.1, 68030, 8 MB FastMem; graphic card recommended

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