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DigiBooster Pro CD-ROM

DigiBooster Pro

The next Generation of Trackers

Please note: There is no upgrade path to the new version DigiBooster 3.

DBPro is a so-called tracker program. It's possible to produce your own music by using samples. So called pattern will be programmed by typing in sequences and commandos. Put together the patterns lead to a whole music track.

With the current version of DBPro it is possible to manage up to:
  • 128 Tracks
  • 256 Samples (sound files with no size limitation)
  • 1024 Patterns
  • 1024 Positions
within one song.

Track format loading:
  • Digibooster 1.x (digi)
  • Protracker (mod)
  • Oktalyzer (okt)
  • Octamed (mmd0-mmd3)
  • OctamedSoundStudio (oss)
  • FastTracker (xm)
  • ScreamTracker (s3m)
There is the possibility to save the tracks not only as the Dbm format but also as Xm or Mod format.

Sample format loading:
  • IFF 8SVX (mono - 8 Bit)
  • IFF 16SV (mono - 16 Bit)
  • RIFF WAV (mono/stereo - 8/16 Bit)
  • AIFF (mono/stereo - 8/16 Bit)
  • MP3 (CBR) Import LayerI-III

With the following extras there are nearly no limits for the creativity:
  • (B)eats (P)er (M)inute Pitcher
  • DSP Echo (Echo Delay, Feedback, Mix and Cross)
  • Volume envelopes
  • Balance envelopes
  • Roland TB-303 "GrooveBox" emulation (not realtime)
  • HD recording for samples using AHI HDRecord
  • Optional realtime 32 bit HIFI mixing with linear interpolation
  • Two different commands per trace at the same time
  • Almost all shortcuts and commands are compatible with ProTracker
  • Up to 7 octaves
  • CyberGraphX & Picasso96 card support
and many more...

Thanks to AHI support every AHI soundcard can be used.

With a little patience, interest and some feeling for rhythm within your venes you will soon discover all those various possibilities for producing music with Digibooster Professional.

Minimum System Requirements Amiga:
  • 68020 CPU
  • 2 MB RAM
  • Kickstart 2.0
  • ahi.device version 4 (or better)
  • asl.library
  • iffparse.library
  • reqtools.library

Recommended Configuration Amiga:
  • 68060 CPU
  • 10 MB RAM (or more for larger projects with 16 bits sample resolution)
  • Kickstart 3.1
  • Graphic card
  • Sound card

Configuration Pegasos:
  • G4 CPU (due to 68k emulation)
  • min. 2 MB RAM
  • MorphOS 1.4
  • ahi-device version 4 (or better)
  • asl.library
  • iffparse.library
  • reqtools.library


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DigiBooster Pro 2.21 (German) DigiBooster Pro 2.21 (German)
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DigiBooster Pro 2.21 (German)DigiBooster Pro 2.21 (German)
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