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Cyberstorm PPC Cyberstorm PPC

Product Features
  • High End Performance With Dual Processors
  • Installed With PPC RISC CPU 180 / 200 / 233 Mhz
  • Installed With 68040-25 or 68060-50 Mhz CPU
  • With MMU & FPU
  • Fast Sustained Memory Transfer of Upto 68 Mb Per/Sec
  • 4 x 72 Pin Industry Standard Simm Sockets On-Board
  • Upto 128 Mb Of Ultra Fast 64 Bit Ram Can be Installed
  • On-Board 68 Pin Connector Ultra Wide SCSI3 Interface
  • Expansion Slot for the CyberVisionPPC GFX Card

The Cyberstorm PPC is a PowerPC-based accelerator for Amiga 3000(T) and 4000(T) as well as systems with compatible CPU-slot. With these innovative and powerful accelerator, a new dimension of performance is brought to the Amiga, with performance increases of 10 times and more compared to the fastest 68k based accelerators available today, resulting in a breath-taking performance. Primarily being designed as an upgrade board for existing Amiga systems, the Cyberstorm PPC incorporates an innovative dual-processor technology, where a fast PowerPC RISC processor is combined with a 68k processor, in case of the Cyberstorm PPC either a 68040 or a 68060 CPU. Both CPUs dynamically share the memory and system busses, what is necessary for a true multiprocessor behavior. While the original AmigaOS 3.x continues to run on the 68k CPU - as well as all existing applications do, providing 100% compatibility. The comprehensive PPC library provides all functionality to integrate the PowerPC into the Amiga multitasking environment. Software developers can easily optimze their programs step by step by porting single tasks to PowerPC code, which then can run parallel with 68k tasks.

The socket for the 68k companion processor accepts either a 68040 or a 68060 CPU. The board provides a 64-bit wide, extremely fast memory expansion option (which can be upgraded by using pairs of standard PS/2 type SIMMs) which is dynamically shared by the two CPUs. Additionally, the Cyberstorm PPC comes along with a DMA-driven Wide ULTRA SCSI controller capable of transfer rates of up to 40MB/s. A 32-bit high-speed expansion connector with DMA access to the main memory is also provided for later upgradability. The Cyberstorm PPC is delivered with a comprehensive software package, which includes the PPC library as well as tools for creative users.

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