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Crescendo/PCI G3 & G4

Turn your PCI Power Macintosh into a new G3 or G4 system for a fraction of the cost

Key Features

  • G3 or G4 speed at a low price
  • Speed improvements up to 800 MHz
  • L2 or L3 backside cache
  • 100% hardware and software compatible
  • Fits in the processor slot
  • Fully compatible in Power Macintosh 95/9600 series computers with lower PCI slots occupied
  • Trilingual (English, French, Spanish) manual available; Quick Start Guide available in Japanese

G3/G4 Upgrade to G3 or G4 Performance

With a Sonnet Crescendo/PCI G3 or G4 processor upgrade card, you can accelerate your PCI Power Macintosh to the leading edge. The Crescendo/PCI incorporates a revolutionary PowerPC G3 or G4 processor and ultra high-speed Level 2 or Level 3 backside cache for unmatched performance.

Mac OS 9 / Mac OS X Mac OS 9 and OS X Compatibility

The Crescendo/PCI is compatible with your existing hardware. It seamlessly integrates with your software, supporting System 7.5.2 up to the latest version of Mac OS version 9.1, or even OS X (see next paragraph). When you upgrade with a G4, even greater performance improvements are possible with AltiVec-enhanced applications.

While compatible Macintosh models listed below are not officially supported by Apple Computer under Mac OS X, Sonnet has delivered a software solution that enables a complete installation of Mac OS X in most computers enhanced with Crescendo/PCI processor upgrades! The Sonnet PCI X Installer is now downloadable from the Sonnet website for $29.95.

Simple Installation

The Crescendo/PCI installs in minutes with step-by-step, illustrated instructions. There are no switches or jumpers to set or complex control panels to configure.

Compatible Macintosh Models
  • Power Macintosh Series 7300, 7500, 7600, 8500, 8515, 8600, 9500, 9500/180MP, 9515, 9600, 9600/200MP
  • Workgroup Server 7350, 8550, 9650
  • Daystar Genesis and Millennium Series
  • Mactell XB-Pro
  • Power Computing PowerCenter*, PowerCenter Pro*, PowerCurve*, PowerTower*, PowerTower Pro, PowerWave
  • UMAX J700, S900
* Not compatible with PPCG4-450-1M

Technical Specifications
Part No. G3/G4 Speed Cache Size/Cache Speed
PPCG3-400-512 G3/400 MHz L2 512K/133 MHz
PPCG3-400-1M G3/400 MHz L2 1MB/200 MHz
PPCG3-450-1M G3/450 MHz L2 1MB/225 MHz
PPCG3-500-512 G3/500 MHz L2 512K/167 MHz
PPCG3-500-1M G3/500 MHz L2 1MB/250 MHz
PPCG4-400-1M G4/400 MHz L2 1MB/200 MHz
PPCG4-450-1M G4/450 MHz L2 1MB/225 MHz
PPCG4-700-1M G4/700 MHz L3 1MB/233 MHz
PPCG4-800-1M G4/800 MHz L3 1MB/200 MHz

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