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Compact microSD Adapter Compact microSD Adapter

Compact microSD Adapter

for Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi

This adapter allows you to use a microSD card with your Raspberry Pi or Banana Pi.

The advantage of this adapter is its size, it is only 3/4 the size of a common microSD-Adapter and vanishes completely in an appropiate enclosure.

Compact microSD Adapter Black Compact microSD Adapter Blue Compact microSD Adapter Pink Compact microSD Adapter Green


  • Allows you to use microSD cards with your Raspberry Pi/Banana Pi.
  • Only 3/4 the size of a common microSD adapter.
  • In contrast to other low profile adapters, this adapter is not thicker than a regular SD card and can be used with any enclosure.
  • Ideal adapter to be used in Raspberry Pi enclosures like . TEK-BERRY or a standard Banana Pi case.
  • Dimensions: ca. 23 mm x 24 mm x 2 mm

microSD card not included.

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