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Reconfigurable Computer

The current C-One board is sold with the Minimig Extender mounted. We don't sell the Minimig Extender separately, if you wish to purchase it, please contact Links opens in new window/tabIndividual Computers.

ATTENTION! Please make sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page before placing an order! The C-One is a fine piece of hardware, but it's certainly not the computer solution for everybody. Everything is in constant flow due to the ongoing development, please keep this in mind.

What it is:

The C-One computer is an enhanced adaptation of the Commodore 64 - the most sold of any computer model (Guiness book of World Records). While retaining almost all of the original's capabilities the C-One adds modern features, interfacing and capabilities and is a sorely needed fill for a gap in the hobbyist computer market.

Features/Product Description

Physical Appearance

The C-One is a motherboard ready to mount into an ATX style computer case (board dimensions: 272 mm x 190 mm). The ports will match the holes of the case, except for the audio connectors, which do not fit without mechanical modification of the case (holes have to be drilled).


Connectors on the C-One are ATX style. The C-One board is designed for an ATX power supply and accommodations have been made to keep the machine as 'laptop/portable capable' as possible, such as startup of the machine from two voltages only (3.3V and 5V), and diskless operation.

Internal I/O

  • 3.5" floppy drive connector with 1581 emulation (using PC drive) with 64k RAM
  • Capable of supporting MFM 720/1.4/2.8 capacity drives via software (WD1772 compatible)
  • IDE Interface with DMA support In the initial release these interfaces will not have any support software (with the exception of 1581 emulation).
  • Compact Flash Media Slot
  • TTL level digital video interface (for example to drive an LCD screen)

Internal Expansion

  • C64 compatible Cartridge Slot
  • Up to two PCI connectors (factory-stuffed only one)
  • Capability to configure C1 system chip settings externally
  • Two Amiga 1200 compatible clock-ports for expansion
  • Geek Port

External Interfacing

  • PS/2 Keyboard port with either Commodore 64 matrix emulation (configurable) or raw data access
  • Joystick lines can also be emulated via keyboard
  • PS/2 Mouse with 1351 emulation and bi-directional communication support.
  • IEC Serial Connector supporting Commodore VIC/64/264/128 drives and printers.
  • 2 Joystick Ports (Paddles supported with classic SID chips installed)
  • PC-style DB25 Parallel port (can act as C64 userport with adapter)


  • ATX case and ATX power supply
  • CompactFlash memory card
  • PS/2 keyboard
  • SVGA-capable monitor


The C-One is a developer board. Do not buy it for what it may become in the future. If you buy, then only buy for what it is right now: A board that will experience a lot of core changes. You will need a PC to have access to the internet, because that will be the only place where you can retrieve new cores. The early startup ROM can either boot from a CD-ROM that you have written with your PC, from Compact Flash (CF card writer for the PC required!), or from a harddisk that is connected to the IDE port of the C-One board - this assuming that the harddisk already contains the necessary files. Be aware that the C-One cannot copy these files between media at this stage, you have to do this with separate equipment!

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