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Cocolino Cocolino

The Cocolino PS/2 mouse interface is a microprocessor-based adapter to attach PC mice, trackballs, glidepoints and radio-controlled mice to all models of Amiga computers (except the Amiga 600 in its original case).

Cocolino supports the PS/2-native mouse features like the middle, 4th and 5th buttons, wheels and high resolution.

Hardware Requirements
The minimum hardware configuration is: any Amiga computer model and a PS/2 (or USB-PS/2) PC mouse.

The Cocolino PS/2 Mouse Interface supports PS/2 and USB-PS/2 mice operating in the following protocols:

  • Standard 3-byte PS/2 protocol,
  • Microsoft Intellimouse wheel protocol,
  • Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer wheel protocol,
  • Genius NetScroll Optical protocol.
Cocolino converts these PS/2 mouse protocols to the Amiga Mouse Port format. The conversion is effected entirely by the interface microprocessor, so no additional software drivers are required.

The interface starts working on the computer's start-up, so any mouse connected through the Cocolino interface may be used in the early-startup-menu.

Additional features:

  • wheels support,
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th buttons support.

Cocolino allows scrolling in both horizontal and vertical directions even with mice with one wheel only.

The Cocolino PC mouse interface fits into the Amiga Mouse port.

The Cocolino PC mouse interface package includes the following wheels-supporting software:

  • Cocolino.driver,
  • CocolinoTest,
  • FreeWheel.
The input events generated by Cocolino.driver are compliant with the format used by the NewMouse program (by Alessandro Zummo). This ensures full compatibility with all the existing wheel-support software.

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