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Burnit 3

DVD and CD Authoring Software for MorphOS

Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: DVD Write Options DVD Write Options of Burnit 3:
All common DVD recorders using the MMC set are supported (almost every DVD recorder currently available does), incl. Double Layer DVD recorders. Furthermore, "Burnproof" support has been added to BurnIt, this function avoids buffer underruns and allows you to continue the recording without losing the disc.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: ISO Maker The new ISO Maker of Burnit 3:
Completely reworked and twice as powerful as the old version was. Drag&Drop is supported consequently with the usage of MUI's Listtree. Filter functions for e.g. inserting only JPEG pictures into the ISO file. Creation of virtual directories, Cleanup Function to delete all empty drawers or broken files from the ISO Maker list tree. Creation of MorphOS boot CDs. OTF (on the fly) support, storage of ISO Maker entries to HDD (for later rework). Exact display of ISO file size as well as all sub directories.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: Audio CD Player Audio CD Player
with new and innovative GUI. Complete CD Text and audio database support. You can download song and artist information for every avialable audio cd directly from a large CDDA database.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: Device Info Device Info:
Reworked device information provides a complete overview of all available functions of your CD, DVD, CD-R or CD-RW drive.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: DVD Menu DVD Menu:
Overview of the available recording modes of Burnit. Burnit supports data CDs, CD-RWs and data DVDs as well as writing image files as VideoCD and VideoDVD.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: DVD Write Options DVD and CD Write Options:
Overview of the available write options. "Burnproof" is a completely new function to BurnIt, avoiding faulty records in case the write operation was interrupted.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: ISO Maker Iso Maker Options:
Overview of the new ISO Maker write options. Now the Joliet CD format is also included.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: CD Text Functions CD Text:
The screenshot shows the CD Text options. Customers with Internet access can also use a large CDDA database to get all song and artist information for the inserted audio CD.
Links opens in new window/tabBurnIt 3: Track Read Options Track Read Options:
The screenshot shows BurnIt's expert read options. The user can select between several read options like CD+G, Raw Sector, CD Text or MCN/ISRC. Furthermore, the user can set how BurnIt shall handle possible read errors.

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