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BurnIt! BurnIt 2

Features of BurnIt TAO:
  • Individual sound effects for different BurnIt events
  • Decode MP3 songs "on the fly" (mpega.library needed, which can be found on Aminet)
  • Record Tracks from CD "on the fly" mixed with tracks from harddisk
  • Process your audio data, fade in/out, cut or De-Crackle function
  • GUI supports Drag&Drop - drag some tracks from ReadCDD to Play-Win and listen...
  • Supports CD-ReWritables
  • CD+/CD-Extra support. It is possible to write audio tracks and a "hidden" data track for CD players
  • "On the fly" recording of ISO images
  • Play audio data "on the fly" or from CD/HD
  • Localized (German, English and French)
  • Comfortable online help
  • Multisession, open session
  • Create your backups weekly and record only new files, saving CD-Recordables and your money
  • Intuitive handling
  • CD32/CDTV support, let your own CDs boot from your CD32 or CDTV
  • CD_to_CD copy (DATA/Audio/XA/mixed mode)
  • Copy your CDs "on the fly"
  • Reading of ISO-Data, XA-Data, Audio-Data
  • Writing of mixed mode CDs (data/audio, XA/audio)
  • Converting audio data (LSB/MSB/AIFF/WAVE/MAUD), also "on the fly" conversion
  • Many recovery functions for faulty written CDR's
  • Very easy CD compilation
  • Supports ISO9660 Level1, Level2,... + RockRidge and Joliet
  • Records Amiga specific protection bits and file comments

BurnIt was the first CD-Recording software for the AMIGA providing DISC-AT-ONCE (DAO) recording mode.

DAO is used for professional Audio CD recording. Now the tracks can be recorded without having gaps between them. DAO is also used for mastering commercial CD's. By using TAO to copy a multi track CD you will NOT get exactly the same structure of the original - DAO makes a 100% copy of the given CD's structure.

Features of BurnIt DAO:
  • All features of BurnIt TAO are included in BurnIt DAO
  • Record CDs "on the fly" (OTF) in DAO recording mode
  • Record MP3 OTF in DAO (mpega.ibrary needed, which can be found on Aminet)
  • Master your own ISO Images in DAO, generate raw ISO images (Blocksize 2352), PPC-Support
  • Since V1 of BurnIt it is possible to record oversized CD's
  • 'Illegal' TOC recording possible
  • Setting of index marks
  • Setting of catalog identifier
  • Setting of the "International Standard Recording Code" ISRC (typically used when mastering CD's for commercial disc production)
  • Pregaps and postgaps
  • Edit the cue sheet in your favorite editor or in an easy to handle gui
  • Scanning of indices/isrc/catalogs possible, so the full structure with all features of any CD can be analyzed

See also: BurnIt! 3 for MorphOS

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