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BigRAM 2630

BigRAM 2630

Memory Expansion for Amiga 2000 with A2630

The BigRAM 2630 card adds 112 MB to the memory pool of your Amiga 2000 with A2630 accelerator card. Compared to the on-board memory of the accelerator, this memory expansion is much faster, boosting the overall performance of your system. Please note the differences of the available versions:

BigRAM 2630 with A2630 card (standard version)

Standard Version

This version works with the most common version of the A2630 card. The expansion connector is pointing away from the power supply unit, you can see BigRAM 2630 mounted on this card in the picture.

A2630 with "reversed" connector

Reverse Version

This version is meant to be used with the rare version of the A2630 where the expansion connectors have been mounted on the component side (facing toward the power supply unit, see image). Previously, these accelerators were considered "impossible to expand", but due to its small size the BigRAM 2630 card allows you to expand your memory and still be able to route the cables of the power supply.

BigRAM 2630 with Vector 2030 card

Vector 2030

This version of the memory expansion is specifically designed for the Vector 2030 accelerator card. While the accelerator features the same expansion connector as the A2630, this special version implements changes to keep the SCSI controller of the accelerator active. Note that with the BigRAM 2630 mounted on the accelerator, a harddrive cannot be mounted on the accelerator card any more. It is recommended to mount the harddrive in the drive bay of your A2000.

CAUTION: The different BigRAM 2630 versions can only be used with the respective accelerator card they were designed for, they must not be used with other versions!

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