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AWeb 3
Excellent Webbrowser for your Amiga

What AWeb-II offers you

  • AWeb's Menus are fully configurable, you can add your own entries
  • The Navigation buttons are fully configurable and can also be hidden, giving a Full Screen page display.
  • Displayed pages can be saved as IFF images
  • Support for JavaScript 1.1
    Improved JavaScript handling with option to turn error reporting on/off
  • Option to suppress advertising pop-up windows
  • Enhanced image plugins, can now handle more JPEG formats
  • Passive FTP option for better operation through firewalls
  • Better cookie compatability, no-cookie list as separate file
  • Warning requesters when SSL connection or certificate verification fails
  • Support for secure connections by use of MiamiSSL
  • Internal mailer (mailto:)
  • Internal newsreader (news:)
  • Autosearch feature
  • Search engine for the documentation
  • "Strict HTML" mode supports HTML 4.0
  • Option to configure the keyboard
  • Lots of new ARexx commands
  • More new ARexx plugins - CacheControl, DropZone, Modes, and more
  • ...and many,many other things

Requirements for AWeb-II
The following hardware and software is required in order to install and use AWeb-II v3.x:

  • Workbench / Kickstart 3.0, 3.1, or above. AWeb-IISE requires OS3.5.
  • Approximately 4 MB of free hard disk space for installation of the software, and 5-10 MB of free space for disk caching unless you have a lot of spare RAM.
  • 4+ Megs of fast RAM, 1-2 Megs of chip RAM. Less than 1 Meg of chip RAM may make image loading difficult or impossible.
  • A working TCP/IP stack, either Miami, AmiTCP, AS-255, I-Net 225, or other suitable software. AWeb supports only MiamiSSL for secure transfer.
  • The installation of internal image plugins and/or appropriate GIF, JPEG/JFIF, PNG, 24-bit, and other datatypes as required. These may be obtained from Aminet in the util/dtype directory. The current recommended datatypes are:
    • ZGIF version 39.18
    • akJFIF version
    • akPNG version
    • For CyberGraphics systems, use the latest V43 picture datatype
  • AMS archive, including support for .au sound files and improved picture datatype for non-Cybergraphics systems

Available as full version or special upgrade (AWeb-IISE) from version included with OS3.5.

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