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Audio Evolution Audio Evolution

Audio Evolution is an audio harddisk recording system primarily aimed at musicians who want an easy-to-use multitrack recorder for home-studio applications. It is based on the AHI system by Martin Blom, which makes it possible to run Audio Evolution on every modern soundcard designed for Amiga computers.

Because of the efficient mixing routines of AHI, it is possible to play up to 30 tracks at the same time on expanded systems, even without PowerPC technology. But that's not what makes it a good harddisk recording system: Audio Evolution also offers a versatile mixing desk including individual channel and master level display, mute, solo, panning, subgroups and realtime effects.

Besides that, full mixer automation gives you mixing possibilities only limited by your imagination. Also take a look at the timeline display with its marker system for fast positioning in the song, locators and punch in/out features which save you precious time in your recording session.

Quick overview:

  • Up to 30 (stereo) samples simultaneously
  • Full duplex playback and record - if your soundcard allows it, you can playback samples while recording
  • PowerPC plug-ins are included for optimum performance
  • A powerful mixing desk provides you with realtime control over Audio Evolution's features
  • Effects like Delay, Noise Gate, Chorus, Comp/Limiter, Amplifier, Frequency filters and FIR filters can be applied
  • Separate window for 4 subgroups with solo and mute per group
  • Full mixer automation based on event lists
  • Realtime effects with possible CPU overload detection
  • A time line display provides you with an overview of the loaded samples and their durations, samples can be moved along the timeline
  • A marker mechanism on top of the timeline lets you place locators, punch in/out markers and the time marker easily, giving quick and accurate access to these items
  • Sample editing with the usual features like cut, paste, copy, erase range - direct to disk, not limited by memory
  • MIDI synchronisation

System requirements: 68020 CPU, 2 MB ChipMem and 8 MB FastMem, buffered sound sampler, AHI v4

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