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Worms: Armageddon Worms: Armageddon

Requirements (subject to change)
  • Amiga OS 3.x
  • 68060 or PPC (supported through WarpOS)
  • Graphics card
  • Sound-cards supported through AHI
  • 2x CD-ROM
  • Modem (for network play)


  • Wacky scenarios for generated levels
  • 28 generated levels which produce billions of possibilities
  • 30+ gorgeous custom levels for Mission & Training games
  • 50 custom levels
  • New animations, weapons, effects and incidentals
  • All new front-end menu system and presentation
  • Fades, wipes, dissolves, "Batman" style explosions
  • Screen-resolutions up to 1024x768 (graphics-card only)

Screenshot Audio

  • 11 ambient tracks
  • Approximately 60 minutes of music
  • New soundbanks (including 18 new voice-sets)
  • Approximately 50 different voice-sets
  • SoundFX for weapons and utilities
  • Support of soundcards through AHI

Network Play

  • WORMNET environment using T17 protocol (WORMNET is a free worldwide IRC-style network to make playing online easier and more accessible)
  • Easy hosting and playing
  • World Rankings in 3 different channels (also host rankings)
  • Connect to WORMNET via any WORMNET server
  • IRC style chat support & functionality
  • Player registration


  • Aqua Sheep (upgrade to Super Sheep, underwater sheep!)
  • Girder Starter Kit (allows user to quickly build a bridge on one turn)
  • Earthquake (shakes the ground, moving Worm/objects)
  • Flame Thrower (firey fun for all)
  • French Sheep Strike (send burning sheep tumbling down)
  • Freeze (lock your Worms in a block of ice for a turn)
  • Skunk (releases a toxic cloud and infects Worms up-wind)
  • Indian Nuclear Test (powerful nuke, which sinks land, shakes Worms)
  • Long Bow (fire arrows that stick into the land and can be climbed on or shot at Worms)
  • Mole Bomb (digging creature, end tunnel fights)
  • Mine Strike (send a boat load of new mines tumbling down)
  • Scales of Justice (redistributes all energy of all Worms in play to an equal level)
  • Sheep Launcher (fire a projectile sheep)
  • Suicide Bomb (Explode your Worm, with toxic aftertaste)
  • Worm Select (the ability to reselect another of your Worms)

Utility Crate Drops

  • Double Damage (Double Damage on your turn)
  • Double Speed (Walk very fast)
  • Laser Sight (all guns, Kamikaze, Long Bow get computer aided sights)
  • Invisibility (your worms disappear, unless hit, until the next turn)
  • Low Gravity (means super jumps and distorted gravity during your turn)
  • Double Time (instant, doubles the time you have on your turn)
  • Crate Shower (drops more crates)
  • Crate Spy (reveals contents of crates)
  • Jet Pac (fly around in style)

Game Modes

  • Sheep Racing (collect as many objects as possible in 2 minutes)
  • Crazy Crates (collect crates using the rope)
  • Euthanasia (get the old women)
  • Turkey Shoot (take rifle to a flock of old birds)
  • Target Practice (general training)
  • Basic Training (requires a medal before you can attempt missions)
  • Single player missions on all custom levels
  • Single player Death Match


  • Handicapping (ability to add or deduct energy from a team)
  • Allies (arrange the six teams to ally with each other in any combination)
  • Anti-Stockpiling (just get one set of weapons on the first round and no more)
  • Ability to select a special weapon that your team can use & take into battle (choose from eight)
  • Ability to select a special gravestone and fanfare for your team
  • All new landscape editor, far more powerful than before
  • New landscape template styles
  • Ability to load any image as a custom level, including full colour graphics!
  • Donor Cards (last Worms leaves any special weapons)
  • Home runs
  • All new weapons/option editors, schemes and friendly interface
  • Bridges

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