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Aminet 41 Aminet CD 41 - 2/2001

The Aminet CD 41, dated February 2001, contains more than 800 MB of (uncompressed) software in nearly thousand archives. Since the release of Aminet CD 40, countless MBytes of new software have appeared.

The current edition includes the full version of the game Capital Punishment.

New since Aminet 33 and regularly updated: The popular news archive by Petra Struck is now part of every Aminet CD (in English and German) and can be viewed directly with an included browser started from the readme file.

Contents of Aminet 40

Directory Size Files Contents
biz 41 MB 31 Business Software
comm 30 MB 67 Communications
demo 73 MB 54 Graphics & Sound Demos
dev 25 MB 51 Development Software
disk 1 MB 14 Disk & HD Tools
docs 30 MB 47 Documents
game 64 MB 70 Games
gfx 18 MB 29 Graphics Software
hard 10 MB 19 Hardware related
misc 19 MB 27 Miscellaneous
mods 111 MB 152 Music Modules
mus 9 MB 31 Music Software
pix 347 MB 151 Pictures
text 3 MB 14 Text Software
util 21 MB 108 Utilities
Total: 810 MB 869  

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