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AmigaOne XE & µ-A1

[ AmigaOne G3/G4-XE | µ-A1 ]

+++ Product discontinued +++

If you are looking for a board to run AmigaOS 4.x on, please have a look at the SAM460ex board or the AmigaOne 500.

Amiga One G4-XE AmigaOne G3-XE & AmigaOne G4-XE

The AmigaOne is a PPC motherboard board designed to be capable of running Amiga OS4.x. The board uses either a G3 750FX CPU running at 800 MHz, or a G4 7455 CPU running at 800 MHz. In standalone form, the AmigaOne will be able to run retargetable versions of OS4.x. and, in addition to running PPC-native applications, the AmigaOne will also be able to run retargetable legacy Amiga (68K) applications via the 68K JIT emulator built in to OS4. The AmigaOne can also run PPC Linux (including TurboLinux, SuSE Linux and Debian Linux) and Linux applications, such as the UAE Amiga emulator, Mac on Linux (MOL), and office applications.

The AmigaOne uses a standard ATX form factor (and can therefore use any case capable of taking a full-sized ATX motherboard), supports up to 2 GB of main memory and has 4x PCI + 1x AGP (2x) slots on board. The board also comes with on-board UDMA100 (2 channels, 4 devices), USB (2 socketed on board, 2 available on headers), and 10/100 ethernet supported via a dedicated Intel controller chip. In addition it has on board legacy peripherals for serial, parallel, floppy, keyboard and mouse.

Technical Summary:

Item AmigaOneG3-XE AmigaOneG4-XE
CPU G3 750FX G4 7455
CPU speed 800 MHz 800 MHz
CPU upgradable Yes Yes
CPU socket Yes Yes
Max memory 2 GB 2 GB
Memory type DIMM Registered 133 DIMM Registered 133
Northbridge ArticiaS ArticiaS
Southbridge VIA 82C686B VIA 82C686B
PCI 33MHz 3 Slots 3 Slots
PCI 66MHz 1 Slot 1 Slot
AGP speed 2x 2x
Ethernet chip 3COM 820C 3COM 820C
USB ports 2 back plate + 2 headers 2 back plate + 2 headers
PS2 ports Keyboard + mouse Keyboard + mouse
Serial ports 2 x 16650 equivalent 2 x 16650 equivalent
Parallel port 1 x EPP/ECP 1 x EPP/ECP
IRDA port on header on header
Firmware PPCBoot + OS4 enabler PPCBoot + OS4 enabler
OS capability LinuxPPC + OS4 LinuxPPC + OS4

AmigaOne in ITX format: µ-A1


The µ-A1-C is closely based on the specifications of the A1XE board, modified where appropriate for the mini-ITX form factor and to get round various quirks which have surfaced on the existing XE boards. It is shipped with a 750Fx @800 MHz cpu module on a standard AmigaOne MegArray connector, and a single SODIMM socket populated with 256MB. Graphics are provided by an onboard Radeon 7000 with 32MB memory. 6-channel 5.1 surround sound is provided by a CMI 8738 chip.

The board comes with a single PCI slot which is capable of taking a -1, -2 or -3 slot riser card.

The µ-A1-C is only shipped with G3 CPU modules, due to the high power consumption of commonly (and economically) available G4 CPUs, and the resulting cooling problems when the board is mounted in a mini-ITX case. Upgrade G4 CPU modules will be made for this board using lower power G4s (like the MPC7447 CPU) when these become available at reasonable prices in smallish quantities.


The specification for the µ-A1-I is very comprehensive - as many on board peripherals as practicable are included, with unprecedented expansion facilities in such a compact design. The main expansion slot is fully documented and 'open standard' so that specialist hardware interface companies can produce and market a range of add-ons - in true Amiga tradition. This expansion port has bee designed to be PCI-104 compatible resulting in a wide range of all manner of expansion cards already being available off-the-shelf. The PCI 104 bus is a 'stacking' bus which allows more than one expansion card to be used simultaneously. These expansion boards lie parallel to the main board, simplifying the implementation of robust, reliable mechanical fixing - which is essential for high reliability industrial applications.

On-board peripherals include USB, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), ATA133, Gbit/100/10 Ethernet, 5.1 6-channel surround sound, SVGA, SVHS and composite video output and the usual array of legacy connectors (games, 2x serial, parallel). Several of these I/O functions are supplied on headers, making interconnections on industrial systems (eg a serial touch screen controller) much easier to implement.

In addition the single standard PCI slot will support a 1 to 3 slot expansion riser as with the µ-A1-C above.

The board also incorporates 256MB of on-board memory plus an expansion SODIMM socket, passive cpu cooling and a CF (compact flash) 'hard drive' slot. These features taken together allows for completely solid-state operation - essential for the high reliability needed in many industrial applications. AGP graphics are provided by an on-board ATi 7000-series graphics processor with 32MB of DDR memory.

With all this added functionality board space is extremely tight, and something had to give. The chosen candidate was the exchangeable MegArray-based CPU module as used on the AmigaOne-XE. There simply was not room to fit it in with all the other stuff. However the good news is that the µ-A1 now comes with an 800MHz 750Gx CPU as standard, which represents an upgrade to the 750Fx used in the AmigaOne XE-G3. The option of using a Motorola G4 cpu was rejected as the higher heat dissipation meant that passive cooling was not possible - and it is CPU fan failure which is one of the major causes of unreliability in computer systems.

Comparative Specifications:

  µ-A1-C µ-A1-I
CPU G3 750FX (fan cooled) G3 750GX (passively cooled)
CPU clock 800 MHz 800 MHz
CPU mounting A1XE-type MegArray module Directly mounted on board
Memory on board - 256 MB
Memory SODIMM socket 256 MB unpopulated
FSB speed 133 MHz 133 MHz
PCI slots 32 Bit, 33 MHz, optional riser cards 32 Bit, 33 MHz, optional riser cards
I/O expansion - PCI-104 compatible connector and mounting points. 5x GPIO, +5V, GND on header
IDE controller VIA 686B ATA 100, 40 & 44 way headers Sil0680 ATA 133, 40 & 44 way headers, bootable CF slot
Ethernet 3COM 10/100 controller RTL8110 1000/100/10 controller
Sound CMI8738 6-channel 5.1 surround sound with CD-ROM, front audio on headers CMI8738 6-channel 5.1 surround sound with CD-ROM, front audio on headers
IEEE 1394 (Firewire) - 2 rear panel sockets
USB 1.1 2 rear panel sockets, 2 on headers 2 rear panel sockets, 2 on headers
Graphics ATI Radeon 7000 32 MB with SVGA, SVHS and composite video outputs on back panel ATI Radeon 7000 32 MB with SVGA, SVHS and composite video outputs on back panel
Legacy I/O PS/2 mouse & keyboard, game, parallel ports on back panel, 1x serial on header PS/2 mouse & keyboard, game, ports on back panel; parallel, 2x serial, IRDA ports on headers
Firmware Uboot 1.1.1 or higher Uboot 1.1.1 or higher
OS LinuxPPC + AmigaOS 4 LinuxPPC + AmigaOS 4

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