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Amiga Forever 2005

Premium Edition: 2 DVDs + 1 CD-ROM + Boingball Decal!
[Amiga Forever 2005 Video Edition]
Amiga Forever 2005
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No longer available, replaced by Amiga Forever 9.

Amiga Forever 2005 Premium Edition replaces the 6.0 CD-based "Premium" version. It includes two DVDs (dual layer) with about six hours of high quality videos (with professional DVD menus, special features and subtitles), and a Plus Edition CD-ROM with bonus content.

Boingball-Gehäuseaufkleber The Premium Edition also includes a new epoxy dome decal. The new decals, printed in three colours on brushed metal and covered by a clear epoxy dome, have been designed to fit the 1x1 inch PC case label form factor.

The Amiga computer, launched by Commodore in 1985, combined superior multimedia technology with ease of use, inspiring millions of the most creative and enthusiastic computer users ever.

Amiga Forever is the award-winning and officially-licensed Amiga emulation, operating system and connectivity solution. This Premium Edition blends high-quality software and original content with the ultimate set of videos to chronicle and let you experience firsthand the history, culture, challenges and passion behind the Amiga.

Features include:

  • Emulation of Amiga hardware (allows you to run Amiga software on your PC*)
  • Original Amiga ROM and OS files (all versions from 1.0 to 3.X)
  • Additional emulation and drivers (RTG, SCSI, TCP/IP, AHI, CDTV, CD32, etc.)
  • Preconfigured WinUAE and WinFellow emulation engines with auto-updates**
  • Preinstalled games, demos and applications (web browser, paint, etc.)
  • Support for thousands of downloadable Amiga games and applications***
  • Amiga Explorer and Amiga Files data sharing framework
  • Optionally-bootable CD, based on KX Light (boots any PC into Amiga OS)
  • More than five hours of "must-see" Amiga videos (two dual-layer DVDs)
  • Special features and gallery of items of historical interest
  • Much, much more...

System Requirements (Windows Software):

  • Operating system: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
  • CPU: 750 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 64 MB (128 MB recommended)
  • Hard disk: 60 MB Free
  • Video: high color or true color
  • Sound: optional
  • DirectX: 8.0
  • Audiences: everyone 10+


  • Media: DVD-9 x 2
  • DVD region: 0 (all regions)
  • Video system: NTSC (compatible with most PAL players)
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 (videos respect original format)
  • Audio: English stereo, English mono
  • Subtitles: English, Italian
  • Special Features: Interactive menus, scene access, subtitles
  • Audiences: 13+ for expletives, brief profanity and drinking

Package Contents:

  • CD-ROM
    Amiga Forever Plus Edition
  • DVD 1
    Launch of Amiga (1985, 17')
    Inside Commodore (1988, 40')
    Jay Miner Speech (1989, 49')
    Jay Miner Interview (1990, 9')
    History of the Amiga (1992, 43')
  • DVD 2
    The Deathbed Vigil (1994, 118')
    Dave Haynie Interview (2001, 55')
    Amiga Faces Picture Gallery

* Emulation software for Windows is ready to run (from CD or after installation, no additional downloads required). Amiga ROM and OS files can be used for emulation on other platforms (e.g. Mac OS, GNU/Linux, etc., may require manual installation, may be unsupported, and may require download of additional free software).

** Automatic updates require internet connection and Software Director (included).

*** Additional downloads require internet connection (legal download sites are listed on web site).

Amiga Forever 2005

Video Edition: 2 DVDs with videos and bonus software

Amiga Forever 2005 Video Edition blends the ultimate set of videos with a selection of bonus software to chronicle and let you experience firsthand the history, culture, challenges and passion behind the Amiga.

Presented by the people who made it all possible, this footage provides a unique insight into the history of computers and multimedia, exposing the relationship between Commodore, the Amiga, an increasingly mature PC market, and the ups and downs of the video games industry.

The videos are the same as contained in the Amiga Forever 2005 Premium Edition, the system requirements are also the same. The CD-ROM and the Boingball decal included in the Premium Edition are not part of the Video Edition.

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