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Amiga Forever 6.0
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Amiga Forever on Windows Amiga Forever 3.X Environment Amiga Forever 1.3 Environment KX Light Boot Sequence

No longer available, replaced by Amiga Forever 9.


  • Preinstalled Amiga OS 3.X environment (for productivity, internet access, etc.) and Amiga OS 1.3 environment (for compatibility with older software), running on top of a powerful JIT-enabled Amiga hardware emulation which also supports Amiga custom chips, RTG, AHI, SCSI, up to 512 MB of Zorro III RAM, virtual memory, MIDI, native x86 code, etc.
  • A multitude of carefully preinstalled quality Amiga applications, which include the AWeb browser (great for cross-browser testing), TCP/IP, Personal Paint 7.1c (paint, animation and image processing software, includes GIF/LZW license), special version of CacheCDFS CD file system, AmigaAMP media player, DirDiff (file synchronization and replication software), AmiToRTF (to convert texts from Amiga to Windows formats), MailBX (to convert Amiga mail archives to Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express and Exchange Server), drag-and-drop LhA, print spooler, Directory Opus 5.5, TurboText (exclusive latest version with bug fixes), MUI (shareware version), KingCON, FreeWheel, PowerSnap, ToolManager, ReqTools, etc.
  • Compatibility with Amiga OS "3.5"+ icons, NewIcons and MagicWB icons
  • New and fully licensed Picasso96 software (not a shareware version), maps Amiga graphics requests directly to fast x86 calls and powerful low-level DirectX functions (Windows version of emulation)
  • Amiga Narrator and Translator speech synthesis components (made available for distribution with the Amiga OS for the first time since 1991, when Commodore-Amiga's licenses expired)
  • More than 10 "First Demos" are included in the 1.3 environment.
  • Latest versions of WinUAE and WinFellow tested and supported by Cloanto. Non-Windows versions included and/or available too.
  • Amiga Explorer software.
  • Launcher panel with one-click controls.
  • Software Manager for easy and privacy conscious emulation news and updates.
  • Gallery of multimedia items
  • Several hours of quality video footage
  • Some preinstalled games to get you started into the world of downloadable Amiga ADF disk images
  • A collection of all Amiga ROM versions ever released, including A1000 boot ROMs, and extended CDTV and CD³² ROMs, accompanied by a similar selection of bootable Workbench disk images.
  • KX Light boot environment, to optionally boot from CD (no Windows or other host OS required)

Spiritual Content

Like the amount of work that went into this project, some of the most important "features" of Amiga Forever are somewhat difficult to describe. They involve your feelings when you see the system booting from a slow floppy disk into a blue Workbench screen, and you suddenly seem to remember every word that appears on that Startup-Sequence window, and by listening to the emulated floppy drive sound you appear to be able to anticipate every disk head seek, as if it was a melody. And if you never experienced this before, then... welcome to the Amiga.

Even if you "were there" in those days, in the mid 1980s, you may be surprised to see and learn something new about events that made not only Amiga history, but computer history and culture. That is the goal of the Gallery and Videos sections on the CD Edition, which include carefully researched and passionately digitized and restored items of historical interest. Then just press a few buttons, and you are the one booting the same Amiga OS 1.0 you just saw in a video, starting the Boing ball demo, or Juggler, or Robo-City, or listening to the Amiga's synthesized voice...

It is equally hard to describe the feeling of a "modern" Amiga system that just works as you would expect it to, with support for hard drives larger than 4 GB, configuration-free internet access, a CD drive that does not require setting up drivers, devices and file systems, a mouse wheel that you could nowadays not do without, but which the original Amiga had never heard of, or a web browser preconfigured to use the same keyboard shortcuts as your PC, Mac or GNU/Linux system. With Amiga Forever, all of this attention to detail is just one mouse click away, as invisible as it is obviously ready to run.

Similarly, we believe that there is a certain magic involved when you see your familiar Amiga files appear on a Windows Explorer window by means of Amiga Explorer, or when you realize the contrast between the emulated CRT scan lines (an optional emulation feature) and the almost paper thin LCD display you are now using to experience all of this again...

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