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The Amiga Case

Multi-Purpose Enclosure in A1200 Style

AMIGA CASE, four different versions

The AMIGA CASE is a multi-purpose enclosure and fully compatible with the classic Amiga 1200 motherboard (all revisions), the upcoming Amiga Reloaded motherboard from Individual Computers, Thin Mini-ITX motherboards and the Raspberry Pi B+ / 2B / 3B. The open structure of the design makes the AMIGA CASE future-proof.

AMIGA CASE white version

The AMIGA CASE will be available in black and white versions. The model for usage with an internal classic Amiga 1200 keyboard will have the original Amiga logo as shown above, the model for usage with an external keyboard will have the AMIGA CASE logo.

The AMIGA CASE is suitable for multiple configurations:
  • Two different top covers available, so you can choose your keyboard (internal/external).
  • Open design; removable and replaceable backplates.

Open Case Design

The second feature is most important and makes it possible to place classic Amiga 1200 hardware as well as modern-day hardware. This is done by the so called 'open' design at the back the AMIGA CASE where all the external connectors of the desired hardware come out of the case, e.g. USB, DVI/HDMI, LAN, RGB video, disk drive, joystick and audio connections.


Key Features:

  • Original Amiga logo on the case
  • Designed for classic Amiga 1200 hardware
  • Designed for the Thin Mini-ITX form factor, Raspberry Pi B+ / 2B / 3B and Keyrah V2 keyboard adapter
  • Designed for usage with internal and external keyboards
  • Can function as a keyboard stand
  • Open case design - for placement of multiple systems
  • Removable and replaceable backplates
  • Self-made/custom-made backplates for compatibility with for example MIST FPGA, Acube Sam440ep / Sam460ex, Minimig
  • Adjustable placement in height of the Amiga 1200 motherboard
  • More useful space for Amiga 1200 owners
  • Two 3.5 inch bays to build in devices of your choice
  • Covers for the 3.5 inch expansion bays with pre-cut USB connection holes
  • Recessed air vents for Amiga 1200 accelerators and the Thin Mini-ITX motherboard
  • High quality plastics with UV stabilizer (no more yellowing)
  • High quality screw points with blind brass inserts
  • Future-proof

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