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AMC - Ares mediaCENTER

Inspired by the Past, Ready for the Future!

AMC - Ares mediaCENTER (black)
The Ares mediaCENTER (AMC) is not just an ordinary media center, it is an open gaming system for retro fans and homebrew lovers. Powered by AROS, an open source reimplementation of the classic AmigaOS, enhanced with the multimedia capabilities of the AMC software, it offers unlimited possibilities for video enthusiasts, audiophiles and gamers alike.

Ares mediaCENTER brings retro gaming to a new dimension! The AMC is a truly open platform without any restrictions, no strings attached. You can install any software you like, be it free or commercial titles. You will also be able to buy games (mostly emulated classic games from different systems) via the upcoming app browser, or you can just install and run your own classic games.

Wait... only retro gaming? No! There are tons of native games and ports of popular software like Quake 3, Doom, Super Tux Kart, etc. already available. The list of native games and emulators is growing from day to day.

There are many things to enjoy using AMC:
  • Play DVDs or audio CDs,
  • browse, organise and display your photo collection,
  • watch your favourite Internet TV and radio streams,
  • record Internet TV content,
  • access external USB drives or USB cameras,
  • play classic games,
  • and lots more!

Organise your media, create playlists and enjoy any content with your family and friends on a FullHD TV (PAL and NTSC are supported, too, if HDMI input is supported by the TV set).

Easy and convenient control via remote, joypad and/or wireless keyboard and mouse.

AMC - Ares mediaCENTER (silver)


The current AMC model contains the following components:
  • µATX AM3 board with four memory slots, Radeon HD3000 graphics and HD audio on-board
  • AMD Athlon II X2 CPU 3.0 GHz
  • GeForce 8400GS graphics card
  • 2 GB RAM (DDR3 1333)
  • 500 GB SATA HDD
  • DVD-RW drive
  • remote control
  • black or silver multimedia enclosure

You can certainly also upgrade certain components, please have a look at the configuration options.

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